About Vertimax

The Company

VertiMax designs, manufactures and sells innovative athletic training systems to markets worldwide. The patented technology by which VertiMax products are based dramatically improves critical athletic performance parameters including explosive power, speed and the vertical jump. These performance parameters are highly desired by all athletes because they are vital to athletic success in any sport. With VertiMax, athletes will quickly improve overall athleticism and become more competitive at any level of competition while Core and Functional training abilities provide benefits to all people of all ages.

VertiMax training systems are currently being used by anyone from an elite, professional athlete to a middle schooler trying to make the team or move into starting lineup. From the services side we have health clubs, physical therapists and professional sports trainers taking advantage of the many benefits VertiMax offers club members, patients and athletes respectively.

Remarkably, our fastest growing customer base is parents buying VertiMax for their 12-14 year old child to train at home. Regardless of athletic level, VertiMax is THE choice for Sports Performance Training.

VertiMax Dominates Competition

The History

The founder of the VertiMax company (Michael Wehrell) moved to California in 1987 upon graduating from the University of Florida where he played wide receiver for the Gator football team in the early 80’s. Upon taking up the sport of Beach Volleyball Michael quickly realized the importance of the vertical leap but realized an optimal training system for explosive leg power did not exist. Michael’s solution to create a more effective method for developing explosive leg power resulted in the invention of the first VertiMax machine in Hermosa Beach California in 1988. The first commercial VertiMax prototype was sold to UCLA’s athletic department in the summer of 1988 and VertiMax Inc. was born. Since then Michael has guided the development of VertiMax products to expand into many areas of athletic performance enhancement focusing on sports specific power development utilizing versatile light-load, high-speed training systems.

VertiMax training systems are now used by the best athletes and trainers in the world. Currently, 50% of the NFL, 40% of the NBA, 30% of MLB and over 75% of all Division 1 colleges and universities use VertiMax in their training protocols.

VertiMax Utimate Speed Training

The Mission

Our mission is to become the leading innovator and provider of high quality exercise equipment designed to deliver unmatched versatility and performance gains associated with the athletic performance and human physical functionality markets.