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"VertiMax has been a game-changer. We've seen rapid improvement in even our youngest athletes' explosiveness in a short amount of time!" - Daryl Menner


VertiMax Platforms and Raptors are used by half of NFL teams and leading professional football players as well as many top D1 and High School Football programs around the country. Why are VertiMax Platforms and Raptors used as an effective sports performance tool for football ? Because the technology works and directly impacts on field performance and dominance. 

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Trainers, coaches, and athletes in the top football programs rely on VertiMax technology as a key tool to enhance speed, first move quickness, agility, power, vertical jump and more.

For Athletes, VertiMax equipment is perfect for football sports performance training because it allows sport specific drills and moves to be practiced while loading the athlete in specific ways that lead to enhanced performance on the field of play.

For Trainers, the versatility of VertiMax Platforms and Raptors is useful for off-season football training because they enable gains in muscular strength and power while improving motor skills leading to enhanced performance.

For Coaches, VertiMax Platforms and Raptors are effective for in-season training because they enable the maintenance of strength gains made in the off-season while decreasing the chance of injuries by allowing a build up of strength in the ligaments, tendons, and tendon to bone and ligament to bone junction points.

For Parents, VertiMax equipment is really effective for youth football athletes as well. The V Series Platforms and Raptors allow young athletes to progress at their own pace safely and efficiently. The results are greatly improved performance on the field of play.

Not only does VertiMax supply you with innovative sports performance equipment, the education and programming they offer is designed with football specifically in mind. If you are looking for football specific drills and complete pre-season, in-season and offseason programming, head on over to or download the app on any iOS or Android Device.

Why VertiMax for Off-season Football Training?

The VertiMax system is a versatile piece of equipment that is great for football off-season training because it plays a huge role in enhancing muscular strength and power as well as improving motor skills leading to enhanced sports performance.

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Why VertiMax for In-season Football Training?

The VertiMax Training systems are great for in-season training because it allows you to maintain strength gains made in the off-season while decreasing the chance of injuries. VertiMax Training Systems do so by aiding in growth and increases in strength of ligaments, tendons, tendon to bone and ligament to bone junction strength. 

Why VertiMax for a Parent of a Football Player?

For beginners, these are training systems that’ll allow your children to progress at their own pace safely and efficiently while pursuing their sport. For the advanced athlete, these systems will allow you to increase workload. 

Why Use Vertimax to Rehab a Football Player?

The versatility of VertiMax Platforms and Raptors enables them to be used as an effective rehabilitation tool for football athletes. The technology helps athletes perform movements to correct imbalances among other dynamics that make it a very effective rehabilitation tool for football players. 

Why VertiMax for QuarterBacks?

QuarterBacks can use the VertiMax to work on their 3/5 step drops along with their play-action rollouts.

Why VertiMax for Running Backs and Fullbacks?

Running backs and fullbacks can use the VertiMax to work on their balance, power foot quickness, and explosiveness. 

Why VertiMax for Receivers and Tight Ends?

Football players who catch the ball need strength in the core, speed, and jumping ability to excel. Wide Receivers and Tight Ends can use VertiMax technologies, included in VertiMax Raptor and Platform equipment, to improve and enhance thier on the field football performance. 

Check out  Football Training Drills for Wide Receivers  for 4 football training workouts to increase speed and strength.

Why VertiMax for Offensive Lineman?

Offensive lineman can use the VertiMax equipment to work on both their pass sets and their run blocking explosiveness.

Why VertiMax for Defensive Lineman?

Defensive lineman can use the vertical equipment to work on their first step quickness, stance & start explosiveness and their hand speed. Check out the video showing linebacker drills by NFL Linebacker Bobby Carpenter Linebacker Drills for Explosive Power & Speed.

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Why VertiMax for Cornerbacks and Safety?

Defensive backs can use the VertiMax to work on their change of direction, reaction speed, and their back peddle.

Top 3 Accessories to use for Football Specific Training on the VertiMax?

  1. The Vertimax 360 belt - Allows any position to replicate their on-field movements while changing the angle and direction of the resistance. 
  2.  The VertiMax Hand Straps - An excellent tool for creating upper body strength through position like movement patterns. (Ex: wide receiver catching a ball, O-line/D-line hand placement drills, etc.)
  3. VertiMax Ankle attachments - This accessory is excellent for several things, one of them being ground force reaction time, which is crucial in the sport of football.

How can the VertiMax App and Football Programming Benefit You as a Trainer, Coach, or Parent?

This app is made up of some of the most proven methods from some of the most experienced performance coaches in the country. It is an educational tool that will allow you to have a road map to success for coaching and training your athletes and children. 

Whether you are a professional NFL player, at the high school level, or even a younger athlete, no football training solutions will do more to increase vertical jump and first step quickness while maximizing your ability to dominate on the field. Incorporating VertiMax football drills into your football training program will take your offensive and defensive play-making skills to the next level in just a few short weeks.

How to Run Faster in Football with VertiMax Football Training 

We've compiled 7 of our favorite VertiMax football training drills, which are designed to help you learn how to run faster in football.  See How to Run Faster in Football with 7 Football Training Drills.

How to Use VertiMax for Motivational Football Team Training 

If you’re a coach looking to get the most out of your players this year, consider this blog post 4 Football Team Training Drills as a showcase of the VertiMax team-building potential.

Why Football Speed and Agility Training is Important

Football speed and agility training is crucial for all positions. Check out this blog Why Football Speed and Agility Training is Important for football players.  

NFL Football Practice Drills and Pro Teams Using the VertiMax Raptor 

The portable VertiMax Raptor and Raptor EXl allow coaches to apply consistent horizontal loads to every movement in open field or in agility drills. This improves the training efficiency for football player strength, endurance and agility conditioning. See the 11 Football Practice  Drills used by the NFL.

The NFL Combine drills are the ultimate measures of a football player's physical prowess where scouts and coaches judge athletes as they compete in the 40-yard dash, bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 3 cone drill and shuttle run. Check out 6 NFL Combine Training Drills here Inside Training Tips for NFL Combine Drills

See videos on why pro and college teams as well as performance coaches in the Houston Texas area think the VertiMax Raptor is the Ultimate Football Training Equipment here.

VertiMax is the fastest, most effective means to safely:

  • - Loading of the legs & arms for maximum vertical gains
  • - Develop sport-specific power at any position
  • - Add resistance to plyometric drills
  • - Train multiple players at one time


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