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VertiMax Headquarters

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VertiMax Distributors

NovoFit - Australia

R-Med - Hungary

Athletes Junction - Middle East

Matmarco - Poland

Iberian Sportech S.L. - Spain

Ability Group - Italy

ProGym Performance Training - Israel

Ard Medikal Ltd. - Turkey

Perform Better Ltd - United Kingdom

KFTA Corp - South Korea

Cress Sport - France

Beijing Yanding Huachuang Sports Development Co., Ltd. - China

Serinth - Greece


Looking To Be a VertiMax Influencer or Looking For Sponsorship?

Our vision at VertiMax is to enhance human performance. To achieve this vision our mission includes educating, supporting and serving our athletic communities with integrity.

The past 30 years have been an amazing journey as we’ve watched our communities grow and connect. We have been encouraged to learn that so many of you share our vision, mission, and values and want to participate with #TeamVertiMax in some way.

On an annual basis, we evaluate sponsorships and various relationships with different people and organizations. Our annual cycle for considering various charities, sponsorships, or relationships begins each year in September and concludes at the end of the year as part of our annual planning process. If you're interested in getting involved or you are a brand, charity, organization, or someone seeking sponsorship, please fill out our form. We will let you know during our annual evaluation of our interest regarding your proposal if we would like to discuss the possibilities with you further. Thank you for being part of the VertiMax community.

Thank you for being part of the VertiMax community.
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