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VertiMax Certification Trainings

Certification Training

The VERTIMAX Training Certification Course delivers the product knowledge, coaching knowledge and skills to effectively and safely utilize our product line while training athletes and clients in universal training.

With completion of the VERTIMAX Training Certification Course, pre-approved credits through the American Council of Exercise will be distributed. ACE is a universal leader in Personal Trainer Certifications, as well as Group Fitness and Health Coach Certifications.

ACE CEC’s .70


Virginia Certification Dec 2017


I appreciated the insights the trainer was able to give us on how he implements the VertiMax equipment into his training methodology. With the proper foundational knowledge, VertiMax equipment can be used to elevate any coach's current training style.

VertiMax Certification Trainings

January 19, 2019 @ Richmond, VA Event Details and Registration
January 26, 2018 @ Middletown, NY Event Details and Registration
February 9, 2019 @ Katy, TX Event Details and Registration
February 16, 2019 @ Orlando, FL Event Details and Registration
February 23, 2019 @ Salem, OH Event Details and Registration
March 30th, 2019 @ Burlington, NC Event Details and Registration
April 6th, 2019 @ Coos Bay, OR Event Details and Registration 
May 25th, 2019 @ Smyrna, TN Event Details and Registration
September 14th, 2019 @ Minneapolis, MN Event Details and Registration 

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