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"We bought this so my daughter could improve her overall speed, agility, vertical and general strength to enhance her volleyball skills, and we have been impressed from day one. Simple to use and since it’s in our garage she can use it whenever she has time. I wish we would have bought one sooner." - Kevin Kata


Why VertiMax for Volleyball Training?

VertiMax provides one of the best volleyball training equipment for building vertical jump power, something that is extremely important for all volleyball players.  Being able to jump higher is a huge advantage on the court when on both the offensive and defensive side of the net.  Besides vertical jump exercises on the VertiMax V8 platform, there are many volleyball speed and agility drills available as an extension off the platform that can take a volleyball player to the next level with quickness on the court and overall fitness. The VertiMax Raptor allows your volleyball training program to be portable.  See the video  Why VertiMax is the best Volleyball Training Equipment to increase jump and defense skills. 

Volleyball training for injury prevention 

How to Create a Volleyball Training Program for Volleyball Results

See how to create a Volleyball Training Program with this guide that covers common injuries in volleyball, volleyball training principles, volleyball assessments as well as the tools and exercises needed.  

Why VertiMax for Volleyball Off-Season Training Program?

The off-season is the perfect time to build athleticism and work on jump training.  Without a rigorous practice and competition schedule, an athlete can invest their time into developing power and strength that will translate to the season.  The off-season is also a great time to address any lingering issues and help reduce the risk of injury. 

Why VertiMax for Volleyball In-Season Training Program?

Use the VertiMax platforms right on the volleyball court with movements that directly translate to the game.  This allows players to continue developing their skills on the court while also maintaining the strength and power gained in the off-season program.  

Why Parents use VertiMax for Youth?

For parents, the VertiMax offers volleyball training equipment that is safe and effective for players of all ages and levels.  There are various exercises and options appropriate for the young athlete.   Over time, training intensity is adjusted as the athletes advance in age and development.  This tool will not only offer some simple things you can do at home, but the workouts will grow in difficulty as the young athlete grows and matures.

Why VertiMax to Rehab a Volleyball Player?

The resistance of the VertiMax both on and off the platform offers a unique form of training for the injured athlete and volleyball injury prevention.  As the player phases out of the treatment stage and into the rehabilitation stage, the resistance can help re-introduce sport specific movements at slow and controlled tempos, activating and engaging muscles that need development to reduce the risk of injury.  

Why VertiMax for the Blocker?

The middle blocking position demands quick footwork and lateral agility to get from one antenna to the other.  Blockers also need to elevate off the floor quickly and display good upper body strength.  Defensive volleyball drills using the VertiMax V8 platform or Raptor can improve blocking techniques and increase speed and agility.  The various accessories and attachments allow athletes to resist both lower body and upper body movements, all while performing sport specific skills.

Check out these volleyball defense drills with VertiMax that allows to load the legs and arm swing while jumping and the waist and feet. The volleyball drills improve vertical performance and speed with the biggest increases in a player’s hitting, bumping, blocking, spiking and digging percentages.

Volleyball training increased vertical jump 6 inches

Why VertiMax for the Hitter?

The left and right hitting positions are reserved for the best overall athletes on the court.  These athletes need to have upper body strength, explosive jumping power, and agility and quickness.  The VertiMax V8 platform and the Raptor provides some of the best volleyball training for developing overall athleticism needed to pass, hit, serve, block, and defend.  VertiMax also becomes a great volleyball training aid to develop fitness and conditioning as these positions rarely sub out.  

Why VertiMax for the Setter?

Setters are typically the shortest players on the volleyball roster so they need to make up for the size difference with great quickness and footwork around the court.  Like hitters, setters are also on the court for most of the game so conditioning is very important.  VertiMax offers a unique way of resisting horizontal speed on the court, helping setters to work on their quickness, conditioning, and decision-making during game-like situations. 

What are the VertiMax Top 3 Accessories?

The VertiMax V8 platform and Raptor both offer a wide range of training accessories that can help a volleyball player take their game to the next level.  The 360 belt is the perfect volleyball training aid for training off the platform, developing the lateral agility, speed, and lower body strength to play good defense.  The waist harness and wrist straps offer the unique ability to train both lower body and upper body explosive power, translating into eye-popping hits.

Why VertiMax App?

The VertiMax app allows athletes of all ages to train just like the pros.  Workouts are written and developed by experts in the field, with the specific goal of building a better volleyball player! The app is a valuable volleyball training aid for coaches who are also looking for more resources to help the team.  VertiMax professionals provide you with volleyball drills and a simple volleyball training program that you and your team can do on your own and get the results on the court.  

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