Vertical Jump

The Most Effective Vertical Jump Training System

Jump Higher And Farther With VertiMax Vertical Jump Technology

VertiMax is the most effective Vertical Jump Training System in the world because it allows an athlete to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical lift component which leads to superior vertical jump performance gains.

VertiMax’s ability to maximize vertical leap performance, which is a measure of explosive leg power, will transfer to significant gains in other critical sports performance parameters such as first step quickness and overall speed. Athletes jump higher and farther when they train with VertiMax Athletic Performance Equipment like the V-Series Platforms and Portable Raptors. 

Exerting maximal force in minimal time is having explosive strength and being explosive is essential in just about every sport. It’s been proven that displaying high levels of explosive power is believed to be one of the most important factors in determining athletic success according to Jeffrey McBride, Travis Tripleett-McBride Allan Davie and Robert Newton in their research studying power lifters, Olympic lifters and sprinters.

Training exercises to improve vertical jump are plyometrics consisting of quick, explosive movements designed to increase speed and power. Jump training drills maximize muscle contraction by strengthening the fast-twitch muscle fibers that convert strength into speed. When an athlete can increase the strength of the tendons they not only help with reducing injury but also can be more explosive.

Watch the Linear and Lateral speed training videos below to learn how to run faster using the Vertimax speed training system and methodology that is light years ahead of the competition. You can also learn more about the power of VertiMax technology and what makes it work so well here

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"The biggest thing is the flexibility and functionality - its easier to move around we can move wherever we want. - some athletes use every day for warm-up sessions. this is a great tool for any level. Giving us the same level of resistance and at the same time, you can actually coach when using this system."

-Satoshi Ochi head strength and conditioning for USTA

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