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"Our team has two VertiMax Raptors and we absolutely love it! Our high school athletes have excelled in the long and triple jump this season by using the Raptor. I’m a true fan!! Thank you Vertimax!" - Terri Bizzle


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Track is one of the purest sports; a test of how far and how fast the human body can go. That doesn’t mean, however, that track athletes can expect to perform to their best ability without relying on off-track training. In fact, world-renowned track champions attest to the fact that strength training is a key to success in track just as it is in any other sport.

Why is strength training important for track and field ? Because strength training fulfills a dual role of improving performance while staving off injury. It’s been scientifically proven that strength training provides everything from bone health to the resiliency of muscles and other soft tissue.

But not all strength training programs are created equal. In fact, many regimes can do more harm than good by forcing the athlete to practice a series of unnatural movements by restricting the expression of their natural form. This can lead to imbalances within key muscle groups that track stars rely on to drive them towards the finish line. If track and field athletes don't strength train in the right way they can undermine their on the track performance. 

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Vertimax V Series Platforms and Raptors are the only training systems that enable athletes to train with resistance while retaining their authentic running movements. This is what makes VertiMax technology such an effective tool for track and field training. 

VertiMax technology allows sprinters to load both the drive and recovery phases of running to develop explosive power in every leg muscle needed for increased speed. VertiMax Training technology found in VertiMax Platforms and Raptors have helped Track and Field athletes at every level, from youth to professionals, by enhancing explosive power out of the blocks with more top end speed down the stretch.

VertiMax Platform and Raptor Training equipment helps track athletes improve quickness, power and endurance in any event. Track and Field athletes require an excellent combination of strength, speed, and power to excel in competition and VertiMax equipment solutions offers highly effective options to quickly develop sport-specific acceleration abilities for sprint events and lower body reactive power for field events requiring explosive movements. Implementing a VertiMax track strength training program will dramatically increase explosive leg power and speed to radically elevate an athlete’s competitive ability. 

VertiMax is the best way to improve athletic speed and explosive athletic abilities. Thousands of colleges and performance centers across the US including 65% of the NFL, 50% of the NBA, 65% of Division 1 colleges now use VertiMax V Series Platforms and Raptors to develop athletic speed & power. Leading track teams use VertiMax Platforms and Raptors to improve their athletic abilities and many track and field Olympic athletes have trained and won medals relying on VertiMax equipment. 

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