How to Run Faster in Football with 7 Football Training Drills


The football field is only 100 yards long and 53.33 yards wide. The faster a player can dominate that space, the more dangerous they will be. Hitting explosive speeds from the start, as well as maintaining those speeds throughout the game, can be the difference between a great player and an exceptional player. As you train, you need to learn how to run faster.

We've compiled a few of our favorite VertiMax football training drills, which are designed to help you learn how to run faster in football.  You can also check out other football training ideas at VertiMax Football Training.

It doesn't matter how frequently you run, how far you run, or how long you run.  If you aren't building strength in your leg muscles, you will not be able to hit the explosive speeds necessary to run faster in football.  Start targeting your leg muscles 2-3 times per week during your strength training sessions.  Within just a few weeks you will notice a difference in your endurance and speed on the football field. 

7 Football Training Drills 

  1. Quarter Quick Jumps (V8) - Start by standing on the VertiMax platform, with resistance loaded at the waist. Depending on your ability, set resistance to light, medium, or heavy resistance. Squat down slightly, past parallel, and jump with explosive power, safely landing on the balls of your feet. As you jump in the air, raise your arms above your head. Complete 10 - 12 reps, and repeat 3 - 5 times.
  2. Lateral High Step & Go (Raptor) - This drill not only helps you develop the leg muscles needed to run faster in football, but it also helps you develop fast feet and the ability to turn on a dime. Load medium or heavy resistance at your waist,and set up your training mounds about two feet in front of the Raptor. Proceed to engage in swift lateral high steps, back and forth, for one full set. Once you complete the first portion of the second set, sprint away at maximum speed from the training mounds. Repeat 3 - 5 times.
  3. Lunge Backside Frontside (Raptor): Anchor your VertiMax Raptor (i.e. on a fence), and set the resistance to medium or heavy at your waist. Step about 10 meters in front of the Raptor. Proceed into a lunge, knee lift, step back down, and then back to reset. Be sure to keep your foot low while you pull through. This is an ideal drill to strengthen your core and leg muscles - both of which are vital to enhancing your running speeds.
  4. VertiMax Box Jump (V8): Great for your quads, glutes, and hamstring muscles, start by stepping into a VertiMax with a medium to heavy resistance (depending on your ability). Keeping your knees over your toes, jump as high and as fast as you can. Land safely on the balls of your feet. Repeat for 10 - 20 seconds.
  5. Dynamic Warm Up (Raptor) - If you want to enhance running speeds, you must develop your leg muscles. Set your resistance to medium or maximum on the VertiMax Raptor and load it to your ankle. Start laying flat on your back, with your palms facing the floor. From this position you can begin any leg lifts and knee drives (full and across). Be sure to complete equal sets on each leg.

Once you complete your reps, assume the prone plank position and begin abductor leg movements, perpendicular knee drives, or inline knee drives. Once you have completed reps for both legs, move to a standing position and begin straight leg pull backs, bent leg push backs, and hamstring swings. This warm up is guaranteed to work your quads, hamstrings, calves, and glute muscles.

  1. Speed Training (V8) - If you are looking to build explosive power to enhance running speeds, this is the drill for you! Place resistance bands loaded at the waist, as well as at each quad. Start in a standing position, about 10 meters in front of the platform. Then, explode forward and hit top speed within about 15 meters before decelerating gradually to a stop. Simple, and very effective, VertiMax speed training will help you run faster.
  2. Speed Rush Drill (Raptor) - This drill is designed to enhance body control to increase the critical transition, which occurs between short-area footwork and sprinting. Setup your cones to form a large circle (between two of the 5-yard lines). Begin on either the left or right side of the cone. With resistance set at medium around the waist. Burst forward and accelerate to wrap around the circle of cones.

Elite Football Training & Maximum Results with VertiMax

If you want to move beyond just keeping up with your competition to accelerate past your opponents on the football field, you'll need to continue to place a heavy emphasis on speed training drills for every position from defensive end to wide receiver.

Even players with colossal size and strength are running jaw-dropping 40-yard dash times. It all comes down to the old saying "speed kills." Incorporate these drills into your weekly training routine and you'll learn how to run faster in football in as little as a few weeks!




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