Four Factors of Functional Fitness Success

Team VertiMax

HIIT and Functional Fitness Training have been noted as 2 of the top 10 fitness trends of 2018. That being said, with so much information out in the world about how to train, what to train and where to train, the term information overload comes to mind when it comes to your members understanding HIIT and Functional Fitness.

Plain and simple, your members are not seeing the results they want from workouts and training, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that they don’t know what is right and truly what is wrong.

That’s where you come in with functional fitness classes. Instead of just posting another article about how members should be doing HIIT and Functional Training, you should facilitate and provide a supportive environment for their success in both of those modalities.

Not only will it actually help your members, it will help you.

With HIIT and Functional training in your facility, you can run small group training that is truly a solution based training. One that allows members to be motivated by you and other members, held accountable and actually see results, oh and will bring you, the operator, more revenue.  

Crossfit grew 2,300% in 10 years and the reason is that not only did members see results, but Crossfit made it simple (definitely not easy) to do. When you walk into a Crossfit box, you have the workout there ready for you. No thinking, just doing.

In an age of information overload. People don’t want to think about what is right and wrong and write up their own training.

They want step by step how to do it, and they want it in a fun, inviting and motivating atmosphere that allows them to do more than run on a treadmill watching the news.

In order to be successful though it does take an investment. An investment of time, money, space and resources.

This investment will see a greater return on investment though because people are looking for what you’re offering.

A dedicated space where they can train like an athlete, be apart of a team and actually see results that they expect from going to your gym.

With boutique facilities becoming more and more mainstream and offering solutions rather than services, it is a necessity that large facilities take note and create the same experience surrounded by proper programming and a motivating community.

Perfect the following four factors and you’ll have a solid arena to bring in new revenue!


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