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"The VertiMax and Raptor are both amazing pieces of equipment. I use them on my athletes every day and they all have seen tremendous results from it. I completely recommend investing in both of them for strength and conditioning training." - Vincent DeRiso


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Wrestling is a dynamic, intense, and combative sport that requires skill and tactical abilities for success. To win in the sport, wrestlers need a high level of physical fitness. Wrestling demands maximal strength, aerobic endurance, anaerobic power, and anaerobic capacity. To be effective, wrestling techniques must also be executed with speed. Enhancing the functional ability of each of these physiological qualities is the primary aim of a great Wrestling strength and conditioning coach. 

If you're a wrestling trainer or wrestler looking for the quickest, the most effective workouts to increase explosive leg power, hand speed, and quickness, Vertimax platforms and Raptors are the perfect training system that will make it happen. Vertimax technology is now used by top wrestlers and thousands of professional athletes in every sport to develop the type of power, speed, and stamina that is going to make a difference on the mat.

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Proper conditioning ensures a wrestler not only has the endurance to last a match and tournament, but to handle all the training that goes on in preparation to compete. That also means it’s important to train the whole body, since successful wrestlers use every muscle and body part to get out of uncomfortable or challenging situations.

VertiMax platforms are simple to use and a single system can train up to 30 athletes in under an hour. It can quickly give Wrestlers that burst of speed to gain an advantage over their opponent and provide the added power to create superior leverage for quick takedowns. VertiMax training can simulate and provide resistance against virtually any movement an opponent makes. 


Strength training with VertiMax dramatically increases explosive leg power for faster shoots and improved speed on the mat. In just a few short weeks, wrestlers at all competitive levels will see dramatic improvements in explosive power from wrestling training with VertiMax.

How explosive do you want to be? There are hundreds of wrestling drills that can be performed on the VertiMax. Below is a sample list of drills that we recommend to develop a quicker more explosive wrestler. These drills can easily be done in a team training session by rotating your wrestlers in between sets.

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