"The idea of reducing the risk of injury is very important. In the weight room at Marquette we designed it to make sure athletes can move easily from a platform or rack into a VertiMax Raptor and do movements on the turf that are applicable to their sport and can have a great transfer of sport specific movement for that individual to help them enhance performance as well as reduce the risk of injury.." - Emily Jacobson, Assistant Director of Sports Performance, Marquette University

The Power Of VertiMax Band Technology

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Rehabilitation of an athlete after an injury takes a team approach for a successful return to competition. There are generally five steps of rehabilitation including diagnosis, control of inflammation, healing promotion, increasing fitness levels, and controlling abuse. Return to activity by the athlete can occur once these things are all accomplished.


Resistance band training has proven to be beneficial during the rehabilitation process. VertiMax technology stops band resistance from radically increasing as it is stretched. VertiMax band technology enables therapists to load and train patients in ways never before possible to achieve rehabilitation goals that were simply not attainable with conventional band technology. Neuro-muscular activation and stability training can be taken to a whole new level using VertiMax equipment. 

Physical therapists, sports injury specialists, and trainers rely on the unique capabilities of VertiMax technology to develop and apply various training modalities for individuals needing rehabilitation or injury prevention training. The use of  VertiMax resistance band technology with either the VertiMax platforms or VertiMax Raptors successfully transitions individuals from a stabilized training environment to challenging, multi-planar movements.


Once an injury occurs, the process of building strength, improving balance, flexibility, and endurance must be carefully designed. When an examination of the injury by a medical professional has been completed and cleared for therapy, many top physical therapists rely on and trust Vertimax as an integral part of the rehabilitation process.

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