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Speed Workouts: 5 VertiMax Speed Workouts for Better Performance

VertiMax speed workouts have become a staple in performance centers across the country. VertiMax has proven to be the preferred speed training equipment for athletes to develop lower-body power,  forward momentum power, vertical jump  and change of direction agility. 

Depending on the sport and location of the workout, you can use either the VertiMax V8 Platform or the Raptor inside on the court or outside on a field. The VertiMax equipment consists of a patented resistance band system that delivers consistent resistance with a series of bungees that can connect to a belt, or even hand and thigh attachments, depending on your sport and goal.

Unlike most training modalities, Vertimax speed workouts provide consistent resistance the further or higher up you go, challenging you to fire through the entire range of running motion. With jumping or plyometric exercises, this helps you achieve triple extension and activate your posterior chain with greater force and speed. VertiMax equipment is limited only by the creativity of the user.

If you ask any athlete (amateur or professional) or sports enthusiast what they would like to improve, the most common response is, “I want to get stronger and FASTER!” Whether you want to increase speed for any sport, most athletes and sports enthusiasts want to ‘get there faster’. 

There are many variables involved in gaining speed and getting faster. Adjusting these variables should be tied to the athletes' goals for their particular sport. Many studies have been performed on young sport athletes that focused on brief sprints with maximal intensity and short recoveries, while other elite athletes perform sprinting/running over a broad range of distances and with varying intensity and recovery periods. Within best practice, there is a stronger link between choice of training component (i.e., modality, duration, intensity, recovery, session rate) and the intended purpose of the training session compared with the “one-size-fits-all” approach in scientific literature.

Variables to Increase Speed 

  • Time
  • Intensity
  • Volume
  • Frequency

For this article, we are going to focus on Speed Workouts that include speed, agility, balance and core moves with the VertiMax Raptor. To help you improve speed. In upcoming articles, we will dive into some of the other variables that can help you build speed and running exercises whether you are a runner, play team sports or just looking to add variety into your daily workout routine.

Prior to any of these workouts, a dynamic warm up is highly recommended. All reps/sets below are recommendations. At any time if you cannot maintain technique and/or control of the exercise, stop. Quality always supersedes quantity.

1. Forward Skips


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Forward Skips: This workout will focus on unilateral power, reaction time and independent leg strength. All three of these components play a role in not only running but developing speed. 

Perform this workout for:

 4 to 6 sets performing each set as quickly as possible back-to-back

Key points to remember:

  • Make sure there is tension on the cord(s) before beginning this workout
  • Assume a strong athletic position; lift one leg of the ground & find balance
  • As you skip forward, drive the arms and get off the ground as quickly as you can
  • The moment you can’t get into full hip extension and/or you begin to slow down, stop and then easy jog back to the start position

2. Double Leg Hop to SL Hold


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Double Leg Hop to S.L. Hold: This exercise will challenge unilateral balance and develop glute strength. Both play very important roles when it comes to building speed.

Perform this workout for:

4 to 6 sets with ~ 30 secs rest between each set. 1 set = 10 reps on each leg

Key points to remember:

  • Make sure there is tension on the cord(s) before beginning this workout
  • Assume strong athletic position with eye gaze forward before beginning
  • Be as quiet as you can when you perform the hops
  • One leg drives down while the other leg drives up
  • Stick landing for a split second on the S.L hold

3. Side Lateral Jump with Hold 

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Side Lateral Jump w/ hold: This will challenge unilateral balance and strength glutes. Running speed & efficiency has a dependency on balance and strength.

Perform this workout for: 

4 to 6 sets with ~ 30 secs rest between each set. 1 set = 10 lateral jumps on each leg

Key points to remember:

  • Make sure there is tension on the cord(s) before beginning this workout
  • Assume strong athletic position with eye gaze forward
  • Load the inside leg and find a toe touch balance on the outside leg
  • Drive laterally as far as you can and hold at the end range


4. Squat Row with Jump 

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Squat Row w/ Jump: Although this workout is technically power/explosiveness, in order to be fast, one must also be powerful. Combining this with a row will help to strengthen postural muscles which are very important for any athlete/sport enthusiast

Perform this workout for:

4 to 6 sets w/ ~ 45 to 60 secs rest between each set. 1 set = 10 - 12 jumps

Key points to remember:

  • Start at the end position for the rows
  • Slowly extend arms and lower into squat position to being exercise
  • Keep chest tall and eye gaze forward as you perform each rep
  • Get off the ground as quickly as you can in each rep

5.  Paloff Press

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Paloff Press: This exercise is an anti-rotation core exercise. A strong core plays a huge role for any athlete/sport enthusiast but specifically for runners, core strength increases stabilization in the torso. Even though running is a linear motion, the torso rotates with every step. Including this exercise can help to reduce injuries in the lower back especially when running fast.

Perform this workout for:

2 to 3 sets w/ ~ 30 rest between each set. 1 set = 10 to 12 reps on each side

Key points to remember:

  • Make sure there is tension on the cord(s) before beginning this workout
  • Assume strong athletic position with eye gaze forward before beginning
  • Exhale has you extend arms away from body.

Speed Workouts Summary

All of these workouts can be performed independently and in conjunction with a strength training program or they could be combined together into one workout depending on how much time you have available. If you have the time, you could combine the workouts above in order 1 through 5 back-to-back in a circuit style workout. Take a 30 to 60 second rest and then repeat for two or three more times. Total time including a dynamic warm up would be ~ 30 minutes. 

Aside from what is recommended above, you know your body best! Listen to your body and let that guide you. For specific individual needs, consulting a Coach will always lead to the best results. A Coach can design a specific program base on how you move and the sport that you love to play!

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