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Speed Workouts: 5 VertiMax Speed Workouts for Better Performance

VertiMax speed workouts have become a staple in performance centers across..

Basketball Training Equipment - Enhance Your Performance With VertiMax

Basketball requires specific skills that must be executed while moving at a..

Team Training With VertiMax Circuit Training Workouts

VertiMax is quickly becoming well known as the most efficient and effective..

Olympic Track And Field Athletes Use VertiMax

We share the Olympic training journey for 5 track and field athletes using..

Olympic Athletes Train With VertiMax - Part 1

 We welcome stories and videos of Olympic athletes training for the Tokyo..

Top VertiMax Golf Exercises To Improve Your Game

VertiMax is perfect for improving golf performance as it allows..

Optimizing A Functional Training Space with the VertiMax Raptor

Functional fitness training can make every day living and activities easier..

Top Ten VertiMax Raptor Exercises To Build Functional Fitness

There are many definitions for Functional Training that range from making..

VertiMax Field Training Exercises For Track and Field Events

VertiMax training equipment helps track athletes improve quickness, power..

VertiMax Softball Drills and Exercises

To be successful in softball, an athlete needs strength and power in their..

VertiMax Hockey Drills For Explosive Power

Building a robust and explosive lower body is one of the primary goals for a..

VertiMax Lacrosse Drills

VertiMax develops explosive upper and lower body power and strength for..

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