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The VertiMax is built and designed to last many years. If properly maintained, the VertiMax will last 10+ years.

All VertiMax units can be serviced by its owner as there are no regular "problems" or "breakdowns" that occur like traditional equipment and machines. The only regular maintenance that needs done on the VertiMax is that the cords will need to be replaced on a regular basis depending on the amount of use, usually every 1-3 years, and sometimes longer.

Below are some videos in the event that you need to before some type of maintenance on your VertiMax.

Cam Cleat Repair

Occasionally, due to some unforeseen accident (dropped weight on cleat, kicked cleat, etc.), you may need to replace one of your cam cleats. This video will walk you through the easy process of replacing your cam cleat.


T-Molding Repair

This video will quickly walk you through the process of replacing your T-Molding in the event that it begin to come loose for some reason.


Topside Pulley Replacement Procedure (V8 - V6)

Watch this video to see a step-by-step instruction to replace the Topside Pulleys for your V8, V6 Pro or V6


Mat replacement

Due to the lack of control over the footwear that the athletes wear (spikes, cleats, etc.), occasionally you will need to replace a mat. This video will quickly demonstrate how to replace a VertiMax mat.


Topside Cord replacement

Topside Cord Replacement - for cords (5 & 6) and (7 & 8)

Watch this video to see a step-by-step instruction to replace the Topside Cords for your V6, V6 Pro or V8.


Underside Cord replacement

Underside Cord Replacement - for cords (1 & 2) and (3 & 4)

Watch this video to see a step-by-step instruction to replace the Underside Cords for your V4, V6, V6 Pro or V8.


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