• Be the Dominate Athlete
    Unmatched Gains in Vertical Jump Performance with VertiMax

  • VertiMax Raptor
    Training you can take with you.. Anywhere!

  • Explosive Power Wins!
    only VertiMax revolutionizes high velocity speed strength and power.

  • Train Four Athletes Simultaneously
    Train Smart with VertiMax Tech

  • Get Your Vertical Higher!
    Maximize explosive leg power

  • How Byron Jones trained
    for his World Record Broad Jump

  • Break Your Speed Barrier!
    Drive & Recovery Phase Loading

Performance Training Equipment: To Create the Fastest, Most Explosive Athletes

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Youth Sports Training at Home for Speed Training and Jump Training VertiMax offers a superior new training technology for youth...

Coaches & A.D.s

VertiMax Takes Athletic Performance To The Next Level Thousands of successful high school athletic programs including Texas’s Katy High School...

Pro Trainers

Deliver Speed & Vertical Gains That Drive Clients To Your Business VertiMax is the one piece of equipment that will...
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