This program, developed by Alan Stein and Stronger Team, includes several innovative exercises (with pictures and descriptions) developed to help players increase their explosiveness, speed, agility, footwork and core strength. This program includes over 15 drills and two full workouts.

Develop an Explosive Lift - Part 2 | Instructional

This wrestling drill, along with the Explosive Hips Exercise in Part 1, helps the athlete develop an explosive lift through resistance training. Starting in a lower position than, the training simulates standing up while lifting the opponent’s leg and body. Using the VertiMax, wrestlers are able to develop their explosive lifts while training with real match scenarios.

By attaching the VertiMax resistance to the waist, hands & legs while the wrestler is on the platform, the wrestler is able full body movement when lifting an opponent off the ground. That’s a heck of a workout! This allows the wrestler to execute a powerful and explosive lift before the opponent can react.

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