The VertiMax Ankle Strap set (left foot and right foot) is included with the purchase of either the V6 Pro or V8 training system because of their ability to conduct off-platform training with foot loading. If you are implementing off-platform training in a team training environment with the V6 Pro or V8 system, it’s suggested that at least one additional ankle strap set is acquired so a minimum of two sets are on-hand. Having the “on-deck” athlete suited-up with a waist belt and ankle straps will reduce training delay when one athlete finishes their exercise routine and the other athlete straps-in to start their routine.

Repetitive Alternating Lateral Jumps > V8 | Instructional

1 Leg Long Jump To 2 Leg Landing |

Explosive Stand-up | Resistance bands to a wrestler's waist, legs and/or arms while on platform develops an explosive stand-u

3 Point Start Exercises > V8 | Instructional

Jessica Eye > V8 | Demo

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