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updated: Dec 01 2016

Shareef O’Neal, Shaq’s son

Melvin Upton, Blue Jays OF on using VertiMax to Develop Baseball Power

Coach Gorres Raptor Testimonial

Raptor EX Speed Drills

Courtesy of Scott & Alex Applegate (#4 ranked HS tight end in U.S.)

ROGUE Training

Shoving the sled, Raiders RB Latavius Murray @t VB Performance

What it takes to be an NFL running back: Latavius Murray @ VB Performance.

Monster Vertical Power Summer 2016

Demi Lovato’s Impressive Boxing Skills with Raptor

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Swimming Exercise with Raptor

HSPT Vertimax Promo

Triple Threat Training with Coach Josh Morgan-Green

Darting Basketball Academy

Lateral Quickness

MMA / Boxing Drills

Raptor Soccer Drills with Crystal Dunn | Chris Gorres

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Kendrick Foster U of I Running Back

HIIT Workout

Proactive Sports Performance 2015 Combine Preparation

Grind Athletics