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updated: Sep 30 2014

Raptor Tennis Training


American Muscle Reality Series

Great speed session with the Vertimax Raptor

Tennis Drills on Vertimax

Naim Terbunja Interview For ESPN FNF VS Escalera

N Carolina Coaches Clinic July 2014

Future Phenom: Malik Newman

Olympic Gold Medalist Justin Gatlin on why he trains with VertiMax

VERTIMAX TRAINING – Basketball Specific

USports Consulting, LLC VertiMax V8 Team Training

Envision Athletics (VertiMax w/ dumbbell jumps)

PowerUP Football training team demo

Pro Trainers at Texas Made Athletic Performance

VertiMax Training at American Top Team Coconut Creek

American Top Team S&C coach Brian Harris putting UFC fighter Shawn “Savage” Jordan and Steve Montgomery through a MMA circuit workout utilizing the VertiMax.

Antawn Jamison 2013 Off-Season at Accelerate

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