Develop vertical jump performance and speed that separates you from the competition!

From the professional NBA basketball player to the AAU level, no training equipment will do more to increase the vertical jump and first step quickness while maximizing a basketball player's abilities to dominate the court. VertiMax will take your jumping ability, offensive and defensive mobility to the highest levels!

  • VertiMax will improve First Step Quickness
  • Dramatically Increase Vertical Jump
  • Improve Explosive Power
University of Louisville Head Coach Rick Pitino

Rick Pitino

"Our team has definitely seen and felt the benefits of working with the VertiMax. Our schedule this year is very competitive. We need an edge for our players; Vertimax gives us that edge. During the testing of the vertical jump, my strength coach advised me that my players kept cheering VertiMax every time a teammate hit a higher max jump. My players and coaching staff are sold on VertiMax's effectiveness!"

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Basketball Drills: Increase Explosive Power to improve your Vertical Jump and Game Speed

Basketball Jump Training Drills


Basketball Jump Training Drills - With the unique ability to attach resistance bands to the waist and hands simultaneously, Vertimax is the only jump training equipment in the world designed to develop BOTH explosive leg power and arm swing velocity at the same time to maximize the vertical lift component. Arm swing velocity at liftoff accounts for 10 to 13 percent of vertical jump performance. In today's competitive world, 13% of vertical jump performance is not something athletes can afford to ignore when an inch on a vertical jump can make the difference between a Division 1 and 2 scholarship. Only VertiMax develops explosive power in ALL the muscle groups involved with vertical jump performance and that is exactly why it is the world's leading vertical jump training equipment.

Basketball Linear Speed Training Drills


Basketball Linear Speed Training Drills - VertiMax is the only speed training equipment that had the ability to attach resistance bands to the waist AND feet simultaneously to develop power in BOTH the Drive and Swing phase. This patented training technique provides revolutionary gains in speed because athletes can now radically increase power in the muscles that accelerate the foot when it breaks contact with the court. Superior hip flexor power allows the foot to accelerate through the air for a quicker first step. Most athletes never dynamically load the muscles that propel the foot and leg through the air when the opposite foot is on the ground driving the athlete. This is a revolutionary advantage only VertiMax can give an athlete to develop acceleration and speed performance to its full potential.

Basketball Lateral Speed Training Drills


VertiMax resistance bands can individually load both feet and connect to the waist simultaneously to dynamically train all muscles involved with lateral movement. This patented training technique is far superior to strapping an elastic bands between your ankles because in the VertiMax case, BOTH legs are continually loaded when they are driving and airborne. Elastic bands tied between the ankles can ONLY load the muscles of the airborne foot once the elastic band becomes tight. Unfortunately the bands only become tight and load the muscles of one leg when the explosive movement is more than 50% complete. VertiMax applies a power producing load BEFORE movement begins for any explosive training movement. This advantage allows VertiMax to develop power through the full range of movement as opposed to half the range of movement which is what you get with conventional elastic training bands.

Basketball Quick Step Training Drills


Basketball Quick Step Training Drills - Performed off platform with a three or four resistance band attachment configuration, the athlete with basketball in-hand performs single quick step movements with left and right feet. Perform five repetitions per leg and then alternate to the opposite leg. Perform 3 to 4 sets of five reps per leg. Once again, VertiMax resistance bands connected to each foot will apply a continuous load from start to finish of each explosive movement for maximum power development. An elastic band tied between the ankles cannot apply a force to the legs nearly as efficiently as Vertimax can. The VertiMax design delivers a massive multi-dimensional power development advantage that conventional elastic bands (which provide a one dimensional training stimulus) cannot compete with.

Basketball Rebound Training Drills


The VertiMax equipment mobility feature allows it to be easily positioned under backboards so athletes can attach resistance bands to their waist and hands and practice going after rebounds. This advanced sports specific training configuration is the most effective means to develop rebounding power to help athletes drive through opponents when reaching for rebounds. Reactive power in all muscle groups is simultaneously improved to allow athletes to get off the court quicker and beat opponents to the rebound. VertiMax's patented constant resistance design with stability control mechanisms built into the platform allow athletes to better maintain balance so they can train explosively with 100 percent effort. Utilizing cutting edge technology to facilitate maximum effort on every repetition provides a the most efficient power producing training response to fully develop any athlete's true jumping potential.

If you're serious about fully developing the athletic abilities of all your players, basketball training with VertiMax will allow you to place a much more competitive team on the court from start to finish - every game! VertiMax is the world's leading equipment from the youth level to the NBA for developing vertical jump and speed performance that's going to make a difference on the court.

Watch the Vertical Jump, Lateral and Linear basketball training videos below to see How Vertimax delivers a basketball training equipment and methodology that is light years ahead of the competition. No matter what move you want to improve on the court, VertiMax will allow you to train it explosively with a resistive load to develop incredible sport specific power that can be applied vertically or laterally to improve performance and separate you from the competition.

Vertical Jump Training

Lateral Basketball Training

Linear Basketball Training

Here are some important training facts to remember if you're a coach or player trying to implement a basketball training program intended to produce amazing verticals and superior team speed.

1) First and foremost, every coach and athlete should have a solid understanding of the difference between power and strength if they want to have an effective basketball training program for producing better verticals and a much faster first step! Too often we get caught up in developing strength and assuming if we get stronger we'll get more explosive and have better verticals and speed. Often that is not true. How many times when you've seen a single basketball player take over a game, it's been the strongest athlete on the court? I can assure you more often than not, it's not the strongest player, but the quickest most explosive player on the court that creates havoc for the opposition. That particular player has great power generating capabilities that allow them to accelerate faster than the strongest players on the court. That is why what I am about to say below about strength and power is very important to understand.

Strength, in the simplest sense is a measurement of absolute force output or how much force an athlete can generate and typically when we measure strength we don't care how fast the force is generated. Have you ever seen a coach use a stop watch to time a max bench press or squat? Of course not. We don't care how fast the athlete moves the weight or how long it takes to complete the rep, we just care if the athlete generates enough force to get the weight up and complete the rep.

Power, the more valuable commodity in athletics is a measurement of the rate at which force is generated. The faster we generate force, the faster we accelerate and the higher we jump - that's physics pure and simple. The most powerful athletes are the quickest and most explosive. Do not make the mistake of assuming low speed strength gains (squats & bench press max gains in the weight room) are going to automatically make you more explosive and bring high speed power gains in competition. Slow moving heavy lifts will develop your ability to generate more force (get you stronger) but they are not optimal for developing your ability to generate force faster. Adding light load, high speed, explosive training methodologies to your basketball training program is the optimal way to convert those strength gains in the weight room to vertical and speed gains on the court! Use of elastics is a great way to conduct light load, high speed basketball training but conventional elastics have a lot of drawbacks but that's why Vertimax was created, to solve those problems and make basketball training with elastics much more effective.

2) A player's speed & quickness is primarily a function two abilities which you want to focus on

if you want great results from your basketball training program. Those two physical abilities include :

a) The ability to quickly apply significant force to the court and accelerate the body when the foot is planted on the court and driving (Drive Power) - and
b) The ability to accelerate the foot when it breaks contact with the court and enters the swing phase so the foot can achieve higher velocities and reduce the amount of time to reach the next ground strike point (Swing Phase Power). This will reduce the amount of time both feet are airborne and allow the athlete's airborne foot to strike the court sooner so they can continue the acceleration process. VertiMax was designed to provide unsurpassed basketball training gains in both drive and swing power development for maximum vertical jump and speed development.

When it comes to basketball training protocols for developing the vertical jump and first step quickness, you need to make sure your training includes exercises focused on developing high velocity power production. That creates the type of explosive power that is going to make a big difference in your vertical jump and on-court acceleration performance. If you are a parent or athlete considering hiring a personal sports performance trainer, there are some important things you may want to consider and potentially ask that person prior to paying them for a basketball performance training service.

a) Ask the sports performance trainer what drills and exercises his workouts consist of before you hire them. You want to make sure the majority of the training actually applies to your goals! One of the most common issues we see with basketball training programs offered by speed trainers is the vast majority of the training exercises are agility related as opposed focusing on developing power to improve acceleration and the vertical jump. If you're trainer does not have any or many drills allowing you to conduct light load explosive training utilizing a LOW MASS form of resistance in addition to your own body weight, I can assure you that you are not going to fully develop your vertical jump or speed potential with that speed trainer. Almost all exercises that are designed properly will have some relative benefit for athletes. However, never forget to question the relevance of any exercise as it relates to your training goals. A perfect example of one of the most over used, minimally effective drills used by sports performance trainers is the infamous ladder drill. The ladder drill certainly has some benefits for eye – foot coordination at high speeds which would be of great benefit for a soccer player. However, how many basketball players have you ever seen running down the court mimicking a ladder drill in the middle of a game? Exactly, basketball players don't watch their feet when they're playing! That is what we are talking about we you want to examine training relevance as it pertains to your goals. Ladders are very inexpensive products and look great when athletes are using them but they have very limited practical applications in most sports and offer very little in terms of improving an athlete's ability to generate power for speed improvement.

b) Ask your sports performance trainer how they intend to develop your speed. They need to have definitive answers for developing both DRIVE AND SWING PHASE power. To improve Drive power they need to explain to you how they are going to develop explosive power in the quads, gluts and calves. To develop Swing phase power they need to have a solid plan for developing the explosive power of the hip flexors, abductors and adductors which are the muscles that accelerate your foot when it breaks contact with the court. If they tell you they are going tie an elastic band between your ankles and have you do a shuffle or high knee drive to develop hip flexor power or abductor/adductor power, ask them how they intend to develop explosive power at the beginning of those movements (where its most important for acceleration) when that elastic band is slack and there is no load on the muscle until it is 50 to 80 percent through the range of motion. That's when that elastic band tied between your ankles finally tightens up – after you're half way through the explosive movement. That is not an effective way to develop speed and if you get a blank stare from the sports performance trainer when you ask that question, you probably want to keep searching for a performance trainer to help you.

c) Basketball training with elastics is a great way to develop explosive power utilizing high speed sports specific movements. However, NEVER FORGET THAT IF AN ELASTIC BAND TIED TO ANY PART OF YOUR BODY IS SLACK AND NOT PROVIDING ANY USEFUL LOAD WHEN YOU INITIATE THE EXPLOSIVE MOVEMENT - YOU WILL NOT BE DEVELOPING POWER AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVEMENT WHERE POWER PRODUCTING IS MOST IMPORTANT FOR ACCELERATION! If you watch our Vertical Jump and Lateral and Linear speed training videos above, we'll show you how the VertiMax equipment solved those issues to create the most effective basketball training equipment in the world for radically improving vertical, linear and lateral acceleration.

d) Don't get stuck in traditional training ruts. A lot of old training methods can be augmented or even replaced by VertiMax technology. Traditional speed and performance training consists mainly of weight training, plyometrics, speed and agility drills, running with parachutes and pulling sleds. All these exercises focus primarily on over loading and improving the power producing capabilities of the quads, gluts and calves, the muscles that provide driving power when our foot is planted on the ground and pushing. That's great for developing power to increase our drive velocity and speed when the foot is planted on the ground. However, when your foot leaves the ground, how fast it can accelerate in the direction you are running and make ground contact to drive again is the other half of the speed equation. Power to generate airborne foot speed will greatly impact how fast you are! And guess what? The muscles that provide the power to accelerate the airborne foot are NOT the quads, gluts and calves, they're the hip flexors, abductors and adductors. If you do not allocate training time appropriately and effectively to those muscle groups, you will never reach your full speed potential.

If you are using traditional basketball training protocols for speed and power development, make sure you take time to evaluate if you're:

a) Performing high velocity, light load explosive training and
b) Sufficiently targeting and training the hip flexors, abductors and adductors to improve their power producing capabilities.

Take into consideration all of your basketball training protocols for speed and power development and ask yourself "when I perform acceleration drills, when do I apply a resistance to my airborne foot?" If you are like most athletes the answer to that question is "almost never" which basically means if you fix that issue, you can be significantly faster than you are now.


Rick Pitino

"Our team has definitely seen and felt the benefits of working with the VertiMax. Our schedule this year is very competitive. We need an edge for our players; Vertimax gives us that edge. During the testing of the vertical jump, my strength coach advised me that my players kept cheering VERTIMAX every time a teammate hit a higher max jump. My players and coaching staff are sold on VertiMax's effectiveness!"

Rick Pitino - Head Basketball Coach, University of Louisville

Bruce Weber

"After implementing VertiMax in our off-season strength and conditioning program, our basketball team's cumulative vertical jump capability in shear inches increased by a magnitude that I have not seen in my 26 year coaching career. The VertiMax has made every player on my team a more dominate athlete providing me a more competitive team to work with. After seeing what VertiMax has done for my program in three short months, I can't imagine any coach not making VertiMax an integral part of their team's strength and conditioning program."

Bruce Weber - Head Coach, Kansas State University Men's Basketball

Bo Ryan

"VertiMax is the best weight room investment we've ever made in our basketball program"

Bo Ryan - Head Coach, Wisconsin, Big Ten Champions 2002-2003


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