VertiMax Baseball Drills Deliver Maximum Power for Superior Throwing, Hitting and Speed Performance Gains

From the Major Leagues to Little League ball players, VertiMax will develop game changing abilities providing superior gains in speed, hitting power and pitching velocity in as little as 3 weeks.

  • VertiMax will improve leg, arm and hip rotation speed & power to increase hitting distance and throwing speed.
  • Dramatically improve 60 yard dash times and be more successful stealing bases and getting to those hard hit ground and fly balls!
  • Improve explosive leg power 6 times more effectively than plyometrics and improve overall baseball related athleticism.

VertiMax Baseball Drills are used by the top MLB Teams to Increase Hitting Power & Speed


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Baseball Drills: Increase Explosive Hitting & Throwing Power + Game Speed


Baseball Hitting Power Drills - The VertiMax V8 is the only rotational hip power training equipment that can apply a balanced counter rotational torque to the hips. The advanced design which can apply equal loads to both hips allows batters to maintain balance while swinging through the counter rotational load created by the V8 resistance bands. Conventional elastic band training equipment only utilize a single elastic band attached to one side of the batter which only applies a load to one hip. This outdated training configuration will not adequately train muscles on opposite sides of the athlete which both contribute to producing rotational force. Additionally, loading an athlete from only one side will destabilize the batter throughout the swinging motion hindering their ability to swing with 100 percent effort which is required when training to develop explosive power. The V8 correctly applies balanced torque to develop muscles on both sides of the athlete for maximum hitting torque and power development.


Baseball Throwing & Pitching Drills To Increase Throwing Velocity - The VertiMax V8 has the ability to connect up to four resistance bands to any part of a baseball player while performing the throwing motion off platform. Resistance bands can be connected to the waist and feet to develop rotational and leg drive power essential for throwing high velocity balls. More advanced training configurations can even attach resistance bands to the hands to improve strength and power in various portions phases of the throwing motion. With the ability to reposition the angles of applied load from hundreds of locations, the VertiMax V8 offers superior training versatility that is second to none when it comes to elevating throwing power and performance at any level of competition.

Linear Speed Training with VertiMax Equipment


Baseball Linear Speed Training Drills - If you want to fully develop explosive power for maximum acceleration to be more successful getting to and stealing bases on offense and getting to those hard driven balls on defense, the V8 is the key to success. VertiMax is the only speed training equipment with that can simultaneously load and develop explosive power in BOTH the Drive phase and Recovery (Swing) phase of the running motion. Resistance bands can be attached to the athlete's waist and both feet to allow players to develop power in leg muscles that drive when the foot is in contact with the ground while also working muscles that pull the leg through the air when it breaks contact with the ground. This patented speed training technique delivers the type of speed gains that will make any ball player stand out from other competitors and every aspect of the game.


Sports Specific Baseball Training Drills - The VertiMax V8 equipment can apply resistance from hundreds of locations on the VertiMax platform. The ability to morph into hundreds of training configurations allows coaches to create their own training setups with the imagination being the only limit to implementing cutting edge drills for performance development on the field of play.


If you want a superior baseball training equipment to elevate your game to the next level, Vertimax is your answer

Regardless of your level of play from the Major leagues to youth baseball, VertiMax develops explosive power from the legs to the shoulders to improve all aspects of a ball player's game. From pitching velocity to hitting power and the development of superior offensive and defensive speed - VertiMax can deliver it all. Integrating VertiMax into your baseball strength training program will allow any baseball player or team to successfully reach more of their performance goals. Below we have summarized seven unique power producing baseball training advantages only VertiMax has to offer.

Larry Williams, Pro MLB Talent Scout on VertiMax Baseball Training


1) VertiMax allows baseball players to perform hundreds of baseball drills that specifically target primary muscles groups that are critical for increasing hitting power, throwing velocity and running speed. With VertiMax's ability to reconfigure the positions of its resistance training bands for on or off-platform training , baseball players are able to perform hundreds of sports specific baseball drills to improve power, speed and acceleration performance for virtually any movement on the field of play.

2) Only VertiMax increases both leg power and arm swing velocity to truly maximize the vertical leap. Great vertical jump ability which is a measure of explosive leg power is one of the most important sports fitness parameters a baseball player can possess. If you improve the vertical leap you'll be more successful fielding hard driven, elevated balls, you'll have more hitting and throwing power and have better acceleration to successfully steal bases. That is why the vertical leap is one of the most important performance parameters athletes are judged by to determine athletic potential. That's why VertiMax is key to every athlete - because it's the only vertical jump training equipment in the world capable of attaching resistance bands to the waist and hands simultaneously to increase both leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize vertical jump performance. That's important because arm swing velocity at take-off accounts for 10 to 13% of your vertical jump performance and it can't be ignored if a baseball player is training to develop their full vertical jump potential for performance evaluation by coaches. Vertimax is the only baseball training equipment that accounts for the arm swing lift component which will make a significant difference in vertical jump performance and overall leg drive for acceleration, hitting and pitching power.


3) VertiMax is the top baseball training equipment for speed because its the only equipment in the world that can load the leg drive and swing phase simultaneously with resistance bands for maximum linear and lateral speed gains . Every baseball player wants more speed for successful base stealing and fielding hard driven balls. If you really want to fully develop your speed potential - you have to effectively increase power in BOTH the leg drive and swing phase of the running motion when you accelerate. We're talking about loading the quad, glut and calf when one leg is planted on the ground driving and also at the same time loading the hip flexors, abductors and adductors of the opposite foot when it breaks contact with the ground and accelerates towards the next ground strike so it can begin driving again. This patented training technique is as effective as speed training gets for the serious baseball player. If you're still running around with an elastic band tied to your waist, you're only training drive phase and that does nothing to develop power in the muscles that accelerate your foot when it leaves the ground. If you're running around with an elastic band tied to your ankles, you're only training swing phase and what's worse is those elastic bands are almost always slack when you start foot movement and thus they provide no useful resistance for power development at the start of the explosive movement where its most important. The V8 combines the best of both these conventional speed training techniques while correcting the problems associated with each to deliver the most effective baseball training equipment for speed in the world.

4) VertiMax resistance bands never go slack when training so baseball players can develop power sooner in the hitting or pitching movement and accelerate faster when stealing bases. The ability to develop power quickly in both the leg drive and swing phase for the running, hitting and pitching movements is critical for any player who wants to have great performance in these three areas and that is exactly what Vertimax will give them. Vertimax resistance bands fully retract into the equipment which means they never go slack and always provide a useful training resistance when athletes initiate any explosive repetition while performing baseball drills. Conventional elastic bands can't do that because they can't retract into anything and when the athlete coils to position themselves for the explosive movement, the bands go slack and don't provide any useful training resistance to develop power at the front end of an explosive movement where it's most important.


Watching this video, you'll see how VertiMax is superior for front end power development in the jumping and running movement. In the coiled position for vertical jump training Vertimax bands retract and can't go slack keeping the full load applied the squatted position. Resistance from conventional elastic training equipment will radically drop off as the athlete dips into the squatted position because there's no means to remove slack as the two cord ends approach each other. When training the hip flexors (another critical muscle group for first step quickness), once again Vertimax resistance bands can't go slack and fully load the hip flexor before it even begins the explosive contraction. Conventional bands tied between the ankles won't apply one ounce of load to the hip flexor at the start of any explosive baseball drills because that band will be completely slack every time you begin a high knee drive. With no load at the start, you're tossing power gains that can improve your baseball power & speed performance right out the window. VertiMax's waist and individual foot bands can maintain constant drive and swing phase resistance on every relevant muscle in both legs moving in any direction. That conventional shuffle drill with ankle bands can't apply an ounce of force to either leg if your feet are less than shoulder width apart - and when it does it loads only the abductor - period. VertiMax is simply a smarter, more effective way to radically increase power at the start of an explosive movement and that's just one more reason Vertimax delivers superior gains in hitting power and pitching velocity as well as running speed.

5) Vertimax allows baseball players to achieve higher training velocities to more effectively develop power at high speeds required great hitting and pitching performance Watch this video. This is what we call speed strength and VertiMax is specifically designed to excel at developing speed strength in every critical baseball movement. The problem with conventional elastic training equipment is they usually involve a short elastic bands connected between parts of our body or the ground or a wall. When you try to perform an explosive movement and stretch these short bands the resistance often goes from 0 to a whole lot in just 2 feet. That radical increase in resistance is basically slamming on the brakes when you're trying to achieve high training velocities. Vertimax solves that issue by utilizing really long elastic bands on retractable pulley equipment so you're stretching a long band a little instead short band a lot. Once you set the resistance on Vertimax this allows the athlete to basically feel the same load from the beginning to end of any explosive baseball drill whether it be hitting, pitching or fielding. There's no hitting the brakes when you initiate an explosive movement on Vertimax and that means you're going to achieve higher training velocities with your legs and better speed strength development to improve speed and power required for great pitching and hitting performance.

6) Vertimax implements two balance control mechanisms to help players maintain balance and work with more effort when performing explosive baseball training drills watch video. If you want to maximize power output you have to train explosively with 100% effort and you can't do that if you're not balanced, especially if your vertical jump training with a load. Anyone who has tried to jump with 100% effort when they were off balance knows your brain and physics won't allow it. If you use a conventional jump trainer that simply ties non-retractable bands to a fixed point its almost impossible to train with 100% effort because the equipment is not designed to maintain your balance. Resistance on these antiquated equipment will radically increase as you jump. If you drift off center from the anchor points you have to deal with a lateral force pushing or pulling you and that's going to completely destabilize you because when we jump gravity doesn't radically increase or push us from the front or back. The Vertimax designed appreciates and maintains the stability of gravity by utilizing a design that provides a non-varying resistance and a patented tracking equipment that allows the elastic bands to move with the athlete when vertical jump training. If the athlete drifts forward or backward while jumping, the anchor point actually moves with the athlete to help keep the force of the bands pulling straight down just like gravity. The VertiMax design gives you more stability enabling more effort on every explosive rep when performing baseball drills for power and speed on or off the platform.

7) Adjustable resistance settings from 2 to 200 pounds allows baseball players from 6 years old to Major League players to train on VertiMax watch video. The Vertimax V8 gives you the ability to adjust the resistance setting on each of the 8 bands routed in the equipment by extracting or retracting the bands through their individual cam mechanism which automatically locks the cord in place after the resistance adjustment. This feature provides a wide range of resistance settings that allows the same V8 equipment to accommodate an MLB super star right down to a 6 year old youth athlete.


Colby Rasmus

"I was introduced to Vertimax through the Blue Jays. Vertimax has helped me in all aspects of my game. After a few workouts, I started to notice improvement in both my leg and arm power. This has increased my vertical, which has also helped my defense in the outfield. Meanwhile, the adjustable resistance bands I use during my hitting drills have added power to my swing. I can't wait to get my own unit!!"

Colby Rasmus, Toronto Blue Jays center fielder

President of Titan Total Fitness, Rick Antinori, expands upon baseball weight training and baseball drills with VertiMax

"VertiMax opened up a new path in speed, agility, and hand eye coordination in the baseball players we train. We use it to teach muscle memory for all of our young stars that Matt Guliano trains. For our older clients in high school and college VertiMax is the pinnacle tool in gaining that extra split second a ball player needs in hitting. For defensive skills we use the hand attachments and have the client knock down balls thrown at them at different height and speeds. This allows each player to develop coordination and use all those small muscles that a player never thinks about. Our tournament and college bound player’s use the leg attachments to gain an extra step in lateral movement, pivotal for gaining that first step."

Titan Total Fitness President, Rick Antinori

John Elliot, Elite Coach & Trainer describes baseball training with VertiMax

“I coached Tyler Rahmatulla, a shortstop on the Mater Dei High School Baseball Team, who led the 16 & under Junior Olympic team in home runs. He participated in our six-week VertiMax training program. In the beginning we were only trying to lower his 60 yard dash time and increase his lateral movement, and that DID happen. But we noticed another significant improvement! Tyler pitches on the team, and he had increased his fast ball from approximately 85 to 90 mph! VertiMax training, when done right and adhered to by a hard working athlete, produces all around outstanding results! Thank you Vertimax!”

John Elliot, Elite Coach & Trainer


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