An unlimited number of small incremental resistances can quickly be set – right on the platform. You can instantly tailor a precise loading for any individual or functional objective. UNLIKE all other “bungee-type” trainers, once set, Vertimax resistance remains at a non-varying level through the full concentric and eccentric movement. Patented Hip Tracking units allow the cords to follow the patient if they move forward or backward on the platform surface. It is the only trainer that maintains a true “center of the earth” gravity vector for upright training.

It is a completely functional, multi-planar system with locatable cords, allowing you to precisely replicate the ideal resistance vector for any functional daily routine movement. Numerous three and four step “Off-Platform” exercises can be done on the VertiMax.

What Will VertiMax Do For Physical Therapy?

The VertiMax represents a long overdue innovation; a vital tool in a therapist’s quest to return patients to a functional lifestyle; from initial stability augmentation and linear moves, to increasingly challenging mobility training and transverse moves. It is an all-in-one multi-planar, rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement training system.