Youth Sports Training at Home for Speed Training and Jump Training

VertiMax offers a superior new training technology for youth athletes that’s both safe and highly effective developing functional strength strength, speed and vertical jump abilities. VertiMax is the one piece of equipment that will make a difference youth athletes will feel, their teammates will notice, and more importantly…their coaches will see! Not only do youth athletes love using it, they’ll see dramatic improvements in speed, vertical jump performance and overall athleticism within a few weeks.

VertiMax Youth Models

Our patented band technology eliminates radical increases in resistance when elastic bands are stretched allowing athletes to train more effectively and safely. Providing a more stable, non-varying resistance is a significant advantage for youth athletes and that’s why more Vertimax units are sold to parents with a youth athlete averaging 12 years of age than any other customer group in the world.

VertiMax Youth Models can be configured with adjustable resistance band sets providing low enough resistance levels (< 2lb.) to accommodate youth athletes as young as seven years old. Whether its team training at school or individual use at home, VertiMax gives youths the best opportunity to develop physical attributes that will contribute to helping them be more successful in any sport.

VertiMax is the fastest, most effective means to safely:

  • Increase Functional Strength
  • Improve Speed & Explosive First Step Quickness
  • Maximize Vertical Jump Performance
  • Engage in Injury Prevention Training
  • Gain The Competitive Edge

When it comes to developing your child’s athletic abilities in any sport or level of competition, VertiMax is one system that will deliver for every member of your family.
The Leading Youth Athletic Training System To Increase Speed, Power & Strength

In just a few short years VertiMax has become the number one athletic training system among youth athletes to further develop athleticism in a very competitive landscape. Even though we have the majority of pro teams in all major sports using VertiMax, parents with a child athlete of approximately 12 years of age have become our number one customer group. VertiMax is a very simple system to use and children immediately bond with the system and have fun using it while their athleticism develops.

It will do much more than improve your children’s vertical jump; it will allow them to make the required competitive moves with a speed and elasticity that he or she did not have before. The intensity it builds allows them to distinguish themselves as key play-makers and game-winners. Just three, 8-min sessions per week will produce visible changes in their competitive performance. VertiMax will get your children results that weight training and traditional plyometrics can’t provide them and you’ll see those results show up where they count the most – and that’s during your child’s competition!

Youth Strength, Speed & Agility Training

This youth sports performance training video demonstrates functional sports strength training by a 10 year old athlete using the VertiMax speed & power training system configured for youth athletes. Segment 1 is the first of a four part series (see this play list to view the other 3 videos) where 10 year old Colton demonstrates the first of his four part workout safely training to develop upper and lower body strength for essential power and stability required for sports competition. These base set of exercises conducted by Colton are implemented while standing on the VertiMax platform.

Complete VertiMax Workout for youth athletes – Part 1 of 4

Youtube Playlist

Gabby (9 yrs old) basic strength training on the V8:

Mooresville High School