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updated: Jan 22 2018

Why Stipe Miocic Uses a Vertimax to Prepare for UFC Fights

6-foot-9 Freshman forward credits his newly acquired dunking skill to VertiMax - Published Nov 07 2017

Brady Manek is 6-foot-9 forward and credits his newly acquired dunking skill to VertiMax

For Brady Manek, none of this is new. He comes from a family with deep basketball roots, including brother Kellen, who plays at Oral Roberts. Manek always played above his age group, but the defining change in his career might have come between his freshman and sophomore year of high school.

"Manek bought a VertiMax, a resistance band platform-training device, and suddenly, the dunks that were so few as a freshman started coming in bunches."

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How Sterling Shepard’s building explosive speed for the 2017 season - Published Apr 27 2017

New York Giants receiver Sterling Shepard on why VertiMax is his favorite to train on

Shepard ranked second in the NFL among rookies in receptions, receiving yards, and touchdown catches in his first year, and he’s determined to avoid a sophomore slump. Shepard has been spending the offseason working on his speed and explosive strength, using some of the same workouts that Beckham does with his trainer, Jamal Liggin.

" I’ve been doing a lot of stretching, working on my leg strength and speed. We have a VertiMax machine, I really like that. I tie down and jump with it to help my vertical leap . As a receiver, you have to go up and attack the ball at the highest point, and this really helps with my vertical explosion."

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Stephen Curry: Training Redefined

Real Workouts: Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns courtesy of

Top Boys H.S. Basketball players: Tillman stands out - Published Dec 05 2016

Xavier Tillman is The No. 1 basketball player in the state

Xavier Tillman stood a man among boys during a recent practice at Grand Rapids Christian, a physical presence at 6-foot-8 and 270 pounds with the ability to dominate in the post as well as step out and hit the mid-range jumper.

Tillman is The News’ No. 1 player in the state. He will play next year at Michigan State, picking the Spartans over Kentucky, Florida and several other major powers.

"I’ve gotten a lot stronger since last season, got in the weight room every chance I could, almost every day,” Tillman said. “I also eat a lot less fast food. I feel my athleticism is much better. I’ve had different type of workouts, like Vertimax and a lot more squats, a lot more lunge workouts, stretching a lot more, too, with my trainer."

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Why does Paul George use VertiMax?

Saints' Nate Stupar emerging on defense with athleticism, play-making ability - Published Oct 28 2016

Saints' Nate Stupar emerging on defense with athleticism, play-making ability

So, just high did Stupar jump?

"Maybe a couple of inches," Stupar said with a laugh. "I just jumped. I was trying to tip it up, so another player could get it."

While the ball eventually landed incomplete, Stupar's athletic play thoroughly captivated defensive end Darryl Tapp.

"He could break the single-season record That man's been on VertiMax, Tapp said with a hearty chuckle. That man had jumping beans. "

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Verti-GO in West Des Moines helps athletes gain speed, strength, coordination and agility
KCCI CBS Des Moines - Published Aug 28 2016

Tony Douglas of Verti-GO in West Des Moines ihelps athletes gain speed, strength, coordination and agility with VetiMax

Verti-GO in West Des Moines is designed to help athletes gain speed, strength, coordination and agility. Tony Douglas, oversees the facility, which incorporates VertiMax equipment designed to improve kids' athleticism. Lauren Nelson, a Waukee High School senior who is familiar with the Woodway treadmill and the Vertimax. "I've noticed I've become a lot quicker, and I think I have become better at hurdles and faster around the track."

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New hi-tech training facility Shot Zone aims to lift Singapore basketball standards

Goshen girls volleyball handling new experiences with VertiMax - Published Jul 22 2016

Goshen girls volleyball handling new experiences with VertiMax

Amy Schmidbauer, the new Goshen girls volleyball coach, has wasted little time in exposing her players to new experiences. The coach entered her squad in a tournament against teams with players from club teams and she has them training with VertiMax equipment to improve their strength.

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How a Basketball MVP Stays in Fighting Shape
The Wall Street Journal - Published May 10 2016

Elena Delle Donne, the WNBA 2015 MVP, incorporated vertimax into her off-season workout to gain power

In the off-season, Ms. Delle Donne trained with a VertiMax every week. She uses a VertiMax to work on explosiveness and improve her vertical jump. The equipment includes 30-foot-long resistance bands tied around the athlete’s waist and hands, so as they jump up they resist against the bands pulling them down to the ground. "This has really helped me get off the ground faster and rebound more quickly," she says.

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Trainer Brandon Payne Helps Warriors’ Stephen Curry Take Game to New Heights San Jose – Published Dec 06 2015

Curry for years has used VertiMax equipment for resistance training. He can make basketball moves and jump on a platform strapped to elastic bands that fully retract, gaining explosiveness while on the court.

“It’s pretty amazing how much space you can create after you do a couple sets with resistance,” Curry said. “To train your body to fight through that, then you can build that strength.”

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Demi Lovato’s Impressive Boxing Skills with Raptor – Published May 11 2016

Demi Lovato’s shows off her impressive boxing routine w VertiMax Raptor

Lovato is training with Jay Glazer, owner of Unbreakable Performance Center, and the machine she’s strapped to Raptor – seems to be creating one beast of a cardio workout. As she moves forward and throws punches, it pulls her back, but that doesn’t stop her. As the video goes on she shows no sign of slowing down.

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Stipe Miocic MMA training on VertiMax

CHS Athletics gets a VertiMax machine

crookstontimes Crookston MN – Published Mar 16 2016

CHS athletes use the new VertiMax machine

CHS athletes were able to test out the new VertiMax machine, and were hard at work training Tuesday morning. The school has workouts open to all students every morning at 6:30 a.m. The VertiMax machine was provided by the Pirate boosters

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