Important Safety Instructions for VertiMax V4, V6, V6 Pro, V8 and V8 EX Models

All users and instructors who use VertiMax performance training models V4, V6, V6 Pro, V8 and V8 EX models must read and have a thorough comprehension of line items 1 through 18 below before utilizing or instructing other people on the specified models.

  1. You should review and understand the entire VertiMax V Series Owners’ Manual prior to using any VertiMax V Series product. If you have any questions about the instructions or anything else related to any VertiMax V Series product, please contact us at 1-800-699-5867.
  2. You should consult a physician before you start an exercise program or training routine. Stop using any VertiMax V-Series product if you feel faint, experience pain or tightness in your chest, or become short of breath. Contact your physician before resuming use of any VertiMax V Series product.
  3. Do not use any standard size VertiMax V-Series product if you are over 300 pounds or a large model VertiMax V Series product if you are over 400 pounds. These are the maximum user weight limits.
  4. VertiMax V-Series Products are intended for users 9 years of age or older. Special “Youth Cord” configurations providing lower training resistances (which should be requested at the time of ordering) are required if users between the ages of 6 and 9 utilize any VertiMax V Series product. Users over the age of 9 should utilize lower resistance bands contained in the “Youth Configuration” if they have difficulty utilizing “Standard Band” configurations which come standard in all VertiMax V-Series models unless “Youth Configuration” size bands are requested at the time of ordering. No one under the age of 18 should use any VertiMax product without first consulting a parent or guardian.
  5. All VertiMax V Series product models should be used only on a firm level surface. You should avoid uneven or unstable surfaces.
  6. VertiMax should be placed a minimum of 3 feet away from walls or other equipment to reduce the risk of accident or injury.
  7. It is recommended that two (2) capable adults move VertiMax due to its size and weight.
  8. If you plan to store any VertiMax V-Series product against a wall or in a vertical position, the V Series product platform should be secured with a minimum 200 lb rated cable or rope to a proper mounting fixture fastened to the vertical surface supporting the V Series platform. Securing the top end of the platform in a vertical position is required to prevent it from accidentally falling and injuring someone or damaging the VertiMax V Series product. Please refer to Section 2.0 in the VertiMax V Series Owner’s Manual for further instructions.
  9. When stabilizing VertiMax with weights, it is recommended that one person hold VertiMax stable on its side while another person applies the weights. Please refer to Section 3.0 of the VertiMax V Series User’s Manual for further instructions.
  10. Prior to each use of any VertiMax V Series product, you should inspect the platform as well as each individual band and component to ensure proper functioning and that there is no damage (beyond normal wear and tear) that could cause the V Series product to fail during use. If any such damage is identified, V Series product should not be used until it is repaired, otherwise injury to users or bystanders could occur. Please refer to Section 4.0 (Unit Inspection) of the VertiMax V Series product manual for further instructions on what to look for to determine whether such damage is present.
  11. When using VertiMax, it is important that users follow the instructions regarding the number and placement of users permitted on VertiMax at any one time. When a user is using VertiMax in the middle of the platform, no one else should be using it in any way. When there is no one using VertiMax in the middle of the platform, a maximum of two users may be attached to VertiMax at any one time, and those two users must be on the same side of the platform.
  12. When using a 4-cord configuration (2 bands each attached to the left and right side of the waist harness (4 bands total)), you should attach the cords on the harness by alternating sides (i.e. left-right-left-right). If two cords are first attached to one side of the user, they may pull the user off balance, potentially causing the user serious injury. For instruction on the proper procedure, please refer to Section 8 of the VertiMax V Series User’s manual.
  13. When detaching a cord, NEVER release the cord before it fully retracts to the platform, otherwise injury and/or damage to VertiMax V Series product could result.
  14. ALWAYS unhook all cords from the waist harness before loosening the harness belt buckle.
  15. If using the 4-cord configuration for the waist harness, ALWAYS remove the cords in the same sequence they were attached.
  16. When performing off-platform training on the VertiMax V6 Pro, V8 or V8 EX products, never have another user or by-stander standing on the landing mat or directly behind the platform opposite the off-platform users. In the case of an accidental cord detachment from the off-platform users the cord upon detachment could strike and seriously injury anyone standing on or around the perimeter of the platform.
  17. Never grab, extract and release any band end that attaches to a user from a VertiMax V Series product while it is more than 6 inches from the platform. All bands when detached from a user should be held until they are fully retracted into the V Series product or until the person holding the band no long feels any tension on the band.
  18. Keep the platform clean and dry at all times during use.