The Keys to Sports Performance Programming Success

Ned Arick, M.S.

Sports performance research, application, and coaching philosophies are constantly changing, updating and advancing. While that is an amazing aspect of your profession as a coach (never a dull moment), having so many camps and philosophies on training can be confusing and even detrimental to the progression of the profession.

Here at VertiMax, we believe that an athlete should be strong, powerful, agile, fast and proficient at their sport specific movements. With that being said, there are quite a few ways to skin that cat.

In the following pages, what we are going to provide you is a simple 5 step process to effectively and efficiently program for sports performance success. Through a series of questions and principles, you can plug and play your personalized system into this solution, no matter your philosophy, or who you currently train.

The principles that we will get into will allow your training to strategically specify the training protocol, prioritize movements, and progress the athlete, safely and effectively to peak performance in their respective sport.

Before we get into the details, ask yourself this question: What do my athletes have to do in the weight room to get better on the field?

When you start writing the program, start with that in mind, and when each training session and/or cycle is finished ask the following: Did the workouts that we did in the weight room transfer to better athletes on the field?

It’s that simple! No matter your philosophy or ideas of how and what to train, if what you did yielded a better athlete on the field, you did your job.

That’s not it though.

In the following pages, we’ve written up the 5 Principles to Sports Performance Programming Success, which will include further questions to get down to the specifics of each and every individual in your facility, even if you coach teams, or groups of players at a time.



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