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Team Training on VertiMax

This video shows how 3 athletes can all complete the primary explosive leg power drill (Quarter Quick Jump) in 4 minutes and 20 seconds training together on a single VertiMax unit. Each of the three athletes performs 5 sets of 10 jumps each for a total of 50 reps each.

Quarter Quick Team Training

"How do I get 30 to 40 athletes through a workout on VertiMax in under 50 minutes?" is one of the most common questions asked by coaches. This can be done quite simply by grouping three athletes together (each with their own waist belt) and training them simultaneously on one VertiMax unit.

After each set the athlete must rest 30 to 60 seconds, it is during this time that the other two athletes strap into VertiMax and perform their set. When the second and third athlete complete their set, the first athlete is ready to strap in and start the second set.

Play the video above to watch three athletes training on VertiMax using the "Buddy" system. In less than 50 seconds, all three athletes will complete a set of ten repetitions including the time it takes to strap in and out of the VertiMax unit. In less than 5 minutes, all three athletes can each perform five sets of 10 repetitions (50 repetitions per athlete) and they are done!

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