Golfing & The VertiMax Advantage

Team VertiMax

The terms 'explosive' and 'powerful' are often associated with sports known for agility and athletic movements - football and basketball come to mind. But golf? You bet.

As showcased in its recent blog, VertiMax is quickly gaining traction as a swing power generation tool. PGA tour pros and amateurs alike have recognized VertiMax's capabilities to improve hip rotation speed and power. And the benefits? Longer distance, greater club speed and bigger shots. "Rotation and power are such a huge part of golf," said Al Marez, VertiMax V.P. of Business and Development. "The VertiMax is designed to increase speed and explosiveness, two of the integral parts of a golf swing. Once golfers try our product, they are hooked."

He adds, "Golf requires an excellent combination of strength, speed, power and balance to excel. Implementing VertiMax in your golf strength training program will dramatically increase explosive club head speed and speed endurance to radically elevate any player's game. VertiMax is the best system to quickly develop a dominant your swing by radically improving acceleration, deceleration and drive distance."


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