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Jay Hyber
High School Strength & Conditioning Programs Must Invest In The Now & Future

The responsibility of preparing high school athletes for collegiate level..

Team VertiMax
Want to Run Faster?

1. First and foremost, every coach and athlete should have a solid..

Team VertiMax
NFL Football Training with the New VertiMax Raptor
The VertiMax Raptor is quickly being adopted by elite athletes everywhere...
Team VertiMax
Inside Training Tips for NFL Combine Drills

The season is over. The stadiums have all gone quiet. Awards have been..

Team VertiMax
MMA Skills and Drills

The VertiMax V8 has been a fixture among some of the best MMA fighters, but..

Team VertiMax
Leading Vertical Jump Training System

Maximum Vertical Jump Performance With The VertiMax Training System

Team VertiMax
Lacrosse Training

Develop Superior On-Field Speed

Team VertiMax
Individual Athlete

If you’re looking for a home training system to take your athletic power,..

Team VertiMax
5 Vertimax Training Exercises for Track Athletes

Track is one of the purest sports – it truly is a test of how far and how..

Team VertiMax
Maintenance & Repair Videos

VertiMax products are built and designed to last..

Team VertiMax
4 Vertimax Group Exercises Guaranteed to Get Results

One of the things that sets Vertimax apart from other training technologies..

Team VertiMax
5 Off-Season Training Mistakes That Are Holding Back Your High School Athletes

Coaches know that off-season training is just as important as the training..

Team VertiMax
Latavius Murray's Intense Preparation

Raider's RB Latavius Murray's intense preparation in E. Syracuse for NFL..

Team VertiMax
Track Training

Track Field Training, Explosive Power & Speed Training With VertiMax

Team VertiMax
Team Training

Team Training on VertiMax

This video shows how 3 athletes can all complete..

Team VertiMax
Soccer Training

VertiMax Soccer drills Develops Superior Speed & Kicking Power

Team VertiMax
Tips for a Successful Vertical Jump Training Program

Here are some important facts to remember if you want to have a more..

Team VertiMax
Volleyball Drills

VertiMax provides the most advanced jump training and speed training system..

Best High-Performance Basketball Training Drills for Youth Teams

Whether you're coaching year-round basketball clinics, summer youth camps,..

Team VertiMax
Speed Training

How To Run Faster: Advanced Speed Training with the VertiMax

VertiMax will..

Brett Kuehn
Effective Fundraising Strategies for High School Athletics

High school athletic departments often find themselves in need of new..

Basketball Skills Training: 7 Exercises to Improve Jump and Agility

Are your fingers just out of reach or missing it altogether when the ball..

Team VertiMax
Alan Stein

The VertiMax & Basketball Trainer Alan Stein: A Winning Combination


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