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Vertical Jump Training

Maximum Vertical Jump Performance With The VertiMax Training System

Team VertiMax
Good Enough For Duke Good Enough For You?

The Duke University Blue Devils are an icon in American collegiate sports...

Run Faster in Soccer: A Comprehensive Guide

Speed is an essential component of any sport. However, it's a bit more..

How to Develop the Muscles that Help You Run Faster

Olympic sprinters make running look easy. It’s almost as if they don't have..

Team VertiMax
Offseason Basketball Training Featuring Alan Stein

Pro basketball trainer and owner of Stronger Team, Alan Stein, has worked..

Run Faster in Football: Top 7 Training Drills for Explosive Power

The football field is only 100 yards long and 53.33 yards wide. The faster a..

5 Basketball Training Drills to Drastically Improve Your Game

A great portion of training is designed to improve the physical strength..

Best Agility Training Workouts for High-Performance Athletes

Training for agility and explosive speed should be the ultimate goal of an..

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Elastic Bands

VertiMax: Revolutionizing Elastic Exercise Bands & Resistance Band Equipment

Team VertiMax
Training Course

VertiMax Pre-Certification Video Course

The following 8 videos are a..

Top Benefits of Agility Training in Sports

Agility is our body’s ability to be fast and nimble while we move, change..

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The Art Of 'VertiMax-Ing' Out

Plateaus. In sports, and in life, we all run into them. No matter how hard..

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Physical Therapy

Sports Rehab and Injury Prevention

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Houston Texans use VertiMax Raptor to Develop Better Football Players

The VertiMax Raptor is quickly being adopted by elite athletes everywhere...

Team VertiMax
How Pro Athletes Train to Get Their Competitive Edge

Being a professional athlete is no joke. While most people leave the office..

5 Basketball Strength Training Drills Used By Pro Coaches And Trainers

There may be dozens of methodologies and techniques, but we can all agree on..

Team VertiMax
Point Guard Workout Guide

Becoming a great point guard is a mixture of physical conditioning, ball..

Team VertiMax
Elite Athletes Need Elite Equipment

How VertiMax will Change Your Game.

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