VertiMax V8   Advanced Training platform


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The V8 is our Level 4 vertical jump and speed training system designed for On and Off Platform training. It has all the capabilities of the V4, V6, and V6 Pro units combined, plus there are now a total of eight bands in all that you can connect to your body numbered 1-8 (see schematics below).

All four topside bands (5 thru 8) that can attach to the hands, hips or feet, can be repositioned on six rails around the sides, back and front perimeter of the mat. This allows trainers even more latitude in creating specialized resistance vectors for sports specific training. The V8 is the only system in the world that allows dynamic simultaneous loading of the legs in both the drive and swing phase while sprint training off-platform for superior speed development! Training versatility is taken to a new level with the ability to load up to eight individual body points simultaneously with adjustable load resistance bands.

Four Band Off-Platform Training: The patented V8 provides the most advanced leg drive and swing phase loading in the world for maximum speed gains!

Platform colors available in: Platform Color Selections Custom colors can be accommodated, call for availability.

Comes fully assembled. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED

VertiMax V8 demo

Platform Dimensions:

VertiMax V6 pro comparison
Standard Size (4' x 5' @ 119 lbs.)
Large Size (4' x 6' @ 145 lbs.)
v8 standard:  $3,095.00
v8 large:  $3,295.00

The V8 Unit comes with:

also included with each V8 unit purchase:

VertiMax VertiMax
1 Hip Flexor Harness Set 1 Med. Waist Belt
VertiMax VertiMax
1 Palm Strap Set 1 Ankle Strap Set

Specialized Exercises

Simultaneous Application of 8 Resistance Vectors


As the photo to the left indicates the V8 is capable of simultaneously attaching up to 8 resistance bands to the athlete. Four adjustable pulley systems allow the resistance bands to be configured to over 800 unique training vector arrangements. The multiple configuration capability allows for hundreds of sports specific exercises to be conducted for both sports and physical rehabilitation purposes.



Two Arm Swing Resistance Ranges For Adult and Youth Athletes


The V8 has a youth and adult arm resistance configuration so professional trainers and facilities training a wide range of athletes can take advantage of the advanced arm & leg jump training configuration. The photo on the left shows that stronger athletes will face right and attach the red topside bands to the arms which provide an adjustable resistance range from approximately 7 to 30 pounds.

Athletes with less strength (youths) will face left as the photo on the right shows and attach the white resistance bands to their hands which provide an adjustable range of resistance from approximately 3 to 20 pounds. Since the V6 and V6 Pro units only have one set of topside resistance bands, customers must select either the 7lb to 30lb or 3lb to 20lb resistance bands when ordering V6 units. The V8 allows trainers to appropriately take advantage of the more advanced jump training configuration with athletes of all ages and abilities.

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