VertiMax V8 EX (Extended Range)

The new VertiMax V8 EX “Extended Range” System is a training system designed to help athletes maximize speed and sport specific performance. The V8 EX innovation extends off-platform training distances out to 20 yards which is twice the range offered by the original Vertimax V8 models.

  • VertiMax EX range is a full 20 yards
  • 8 resistance band unit
  • Bands can simultaneously be attached to the athlete
  • Designed for On-&-Off Platform Training
  • 800 selectable resistance vector combinations
  • Radical performance gains in all ground based sports

The V8 EX is our deluxe vertical jump and speed training system designed for On and Off Platform training. It has all the capabilities of the earlier VertiMax models: V4, V6, V6 Pro, V8 units combined, plus there are now a total of eight bands in all that you can connect to your body numbered 1-8 (see schematics below).


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All four topside bands (5 thru 8) that can attach to the hands, hips or feet, can be repositioned on six rails around the sides, back and front perimeter of the mat. This allows trainers even more latitude in creating specialized resistance vectors for sports specific training. The V8 EX is the only system in the world that allows dynamic simultaneous loading of the legs in both the drive and swing phase while sprint training off-platform for superior speed development, with the additional range of 20 yards. Training versatility is taken to a new level with the ability to load up to eight individual body points simultaneously with adjustable load resistance bands.

Four Band Off-Platform Training: The patented V8 provides the most advanced leg drive and swing phase loading in the world for maximum speed gains!

The VertiMax EX primed objective is to develop an athlete’s ability to generate force quicker to create a more explosive, competitive athlete.

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