VertiMax V6 Pro   Level 3 training

VertiMax V6 Pro demo

The V6 Pro is our Level 3 vertical jump and speed training system designed for On and Off Platform training. It has all the capabilities of the V4 and V6 units. However, referencing the animation on the left, the two topside bands numbered 5 and 6 can now can be repositioned by sliding and locking them on three rails around the back perimeter of the mat.

The V6 Pro also has the added capability of allowing the athlete to leave the platform with bands 5 and 6 attached to their body. This unique featureThe ability to reposition bands 5 & 6 allows trainers to (a) create precise resistance vectors for individual sports moves, and (b) design off platform drills using these two topside bands - in which case the bands can be attached to the hands, hips, or feet. Once again, athletes can train with one to six bands attached simultaneously.

Platform colors available in: Platform Color Selections Custom colors can be accommodated, call for availability.

Comes fully assembled. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED


Platform Dimensions:

VertiMax V6 pro comparison
Standard Size (4' x 5' @ 95 lbs.)
Large Size (4' x 6' @ 121 lbs.)
v6 standard:   $2,695.00
v6 large:   $2,895.00

The V6 Pro Unit comes with:

also included with each V6 Pro unit purchase:

VertiMax VertiMax VertiMax
1 Hip Flexor Harness Set 1 Med. Waist Belt 1 Palm Strap Set

basic excercises

The same Training Exercises listed for the V4 and V6, can also be performed on the V6Pro. Additional V6 Pro exercises which the V6 unit is not capable of are shown below

Specialized Exercises

Improved Hip Flexor Training


The V6Pro movable pulley assemblies "A" and "B" allow resistance bands (5) and (6) to be moved behind the athlete which enables resistance band pairs 3&5 and 4&6 to be attached to the athlete behind each knee. Having two resistance bands attached to each knee (3&4 pulling down and 5&6 pulling back) allows a more consistent resistance to act against the knee during the full range of its movement during a high knee drive. Thus the V6Pro provides a slightly more efficient training response where hip flexors are concerned.

The ability to relocate pulleys "A" and "B" and change the resistance vectors of cords 5 and 6 allow the user to select up to 40 different resistance vectors to apply to the athlete. Note that the two additional V6 bands on the top side of the platform can be attached to the hands when performing leg drive and hip flexor exercises. This added feature allows the athlete to apply resistance to the arm drive motion simultaneously while training hip flexors and calf muscles.


Maximizing the Vertical Jump By Developing Arm Swing Velocity


The athlete may turn around 180 degrees with respect to the photo above and attach bands 5 & 6 to their hands so the resistance bands pull straight down on the hands. When a volleyball player blocks at the net they can not use a traditional looping arm swing or their hands will strike the net causing a net foul.

The VertiMax V6Pro allows a blocker to apply resistance to the hands while tucked closely to the body. Now the blocker can simulate a more natural blocking motion at the net while training the legs and arms to develop more explosive power for higher elevation. Again the imagination is the limit when you have 6 resistance bands to work with and 44 independent training vectors to select from.

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