VertiMax V4   Level 1 training

VertiMax V4 demo

The V4 unit is our Level 1 vertical jump and speed training equipment designed for On Platform training only. It is our original jump training equipment proven to be markedly more effective than any other jump training product (aside from our own higher level systems).

The V4 unit has four internal, adjustable resistance bands routed beneath the platform. Utilizing the waist belt or hip flexor harnesses, unique loading can be applied to the hips, legs, and knees, for lower body explosive training. Individual band resistance settings range from 4 to 30 pounds, which can provide a total of 120 lbs. if needed.

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Platform colors available in: Platform Color Selections Custom colors can be accommodated, call for availability.

Comes fully assembled. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED


Platform Dimensions:

VertiMax V4 comparison
Standard Size (4' x 5' @ 87 lbs.)
Large Size (4' x 6' @ 113 lbs.)
v4 standard:   $1,995.00
v4 large:    $2,195.00

The V4 Unit comes with:

also included with each V4 unit purchase:

VertiMax VertiMax
1 Hip Flexor Harness Set 1 Med. Waist Belt

basic excercises

Squat depth for Quarter Quick Jump
Squat depth for Full Quick Jump

Basic Exercises: Many sports-specific explosive exercises can be performed but our "Basic Training Routine" consisting of 'Quarter Quick' and 'Half Quick' explosive jumps will produce immediate and outstanding improvements in an athlete's time out of the blocks, his vertical jump, and his 40 times!

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Specialized Exercises

V4 Configuration 1 - Hip Flexor Training
V4 Configuration 2 - Hip Flexor Training

Specialized Exercises: One set of Hip Flexor Attachments come standard with each V4, and can be used to perform exercises such as running in place, thigh drives, and other sports specific movements which will markedly improve thigh recovery time for sprinters, skaters, running backs, etc.

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