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Vertimax is the leading training system to develop the broadest range of athletic abilities to elevate sports fitness for virtually any sport requiring speed, agility and power. Used by the majority of Pro teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, VertiMax is now the leading choice for parents of youth athletes for home development of Sports Fitness.

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For Sports Fitness At All Ages: There’s No Better Choice Than VertiMax

It is the only sports training system in the world that can load the arms and legs simultaneously to develop maximum arm swing velocity and leg drive power and fully develop vertical jump performance. VertiMax is also the world’s top speed training system because of its ability to attach resistance bands to both the waist and feet. This patented feature develops superior power for acceleration by allowing resistance to be applied to the legs when the foot is on the ground driving AND when the foot is airborne driving through the air to the next step. These features combine to provide maximum speed increases in any sport.

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