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Ray Rice Joins VertiMax

" I've been training on VertiMax systems for over 5 years now and was really excited when VertiMax contacted my agent about an endorsement opportunity with something I was already using and completely sold on as the best thing I could get my hands on for developing my power and speed. When we initially met with Mike (the founder of VertiMax), I was thinking this is great, I've got an opportunity to endorse a really cool product and it's something I really like and know a lot of pro athletes and teams are already using it.

About 30 minutes into our meeting Mike started showing me other training devices they have designed that people can't even buy yet. Everything he put in front of me was something I've never seen before and completely off the charts and I kept saying 'I need that. I need that too. When can I try that?'. They're even working on something for race horses that's amazing. I have no idea how it works but if I was a race horse, I'd want that too.

Everything VertiMax is doing made perfect sense to me, and they're doing it in ways that I've never seen before and to me that was exciting. I know I'm not going to be able to play football forever and considering what I love to do, getting involved long term this company made more sense than just endorsing VertiMax so I proposed a long term relationship and we made it happen.

Now I'm just really excited to be a part-owner of an exciting company that is going to change everything and make a real difference providing athletes new ways to develop their abilities and at the same time open up opportunities for athletes of all ages everywhere. "

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