Ray uses the VertiMax V8 for His Speed & Power Development

Ray Rice Joins VertiMax

VertiMax has been the staple speed and power training tool for Ray Rice since he left Rutgers for the NFL.

VertiMax's unmatched ability to develop speed, vertical jump performance and sports specific explosive power is why it is used to develop athletic performance in every major sport in the world from youth to pro levels.

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ESPN The Magazine: Gear Test on VertiMax


Imagine a system like that for your entire body. VertiMax is designed to add resistance to any body movement that's required in sport.

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Ray Rice names his miracle 4th & 29 catch and run

Running Back Ray Rice Plans For The Future; Invests In Sports Training System

running back Ray Rice Plans For The Future

Ravens running back Ray Rice says he is always interested in "shocking his body" and that using VertiMax was definitely a shock to him this past off-season.

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Tebow went through high-intensity repetitions on VertiMax


At 6 foot 3 and 250 pounds, is Tim Tebow too big to play quarterback?

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Ray Rice Joins VertiMax

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Geno Smith, Quarterback West Virginia Mountaineers

Heisman Hopeful quarterback Geno Smith trains on VertiMax

Winners of Free VertiMax V8 Drawing (summer 2012) - Occidental College

Under Armour™ & VertiMax - This Is How We Run

Olympic Sprinter Allyson Felix

Olympic Track Medalist Allyson Felix demonstrates her training routine with VertiMax

VertiMax at the 2012 CSCCa Convention in Orlando

The Stronger Team Huddle

VertiMax was happy to be part of the Stronger Team Huddle with Coach Alan Stein and Coach Blair O'Donovan. One lucky participant won a FREE VertiMax V8.

Adrenaline Performance Center

Kris Letang, NHL All-Star, performs lateral bounds with VertiMax at Adrenaline Performance Center. This exercise is done to gain lateral explosiveness and better "side to side" speed.

Athlete Institute Basketball Performance

The Athlete Institute works on pairing basketball skill development with the functional strength needed to succeed. With great facilities, equipment, and coaches we make good players great. Our basketball player representation in this video is Jameson Tipping. April 28th,2011.

To New Heights

Improving an athlete's jumping ability means taking into consideration speed-to-intensity ratios, inhibitory deceleration, eccentric stretch, and the use of plyometrics. But it starts with the proper foundation of strength,” says Jeff Connors, MS, MSCC, Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of North Carolina. He goes on to say that, "In almost every sport, athletes are eager to increase their vertical jump. Whether they want to soar above the rim in basketball, leap to deflect a pass in football, go up for a powerful spike in volleyball, or gain the advantage on a header in soccer, athletes who can jump high gain a competitive edge."

But athletes who have developed vertical power can actually do much more.

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VertiMax - Start to Finish

Strong Alternatives

coach rich jacobs

Even though Olympic Lifts should be a staple in every competitive athlete’s workout, there are viable alternatives to build explosive triple extension. Using a variety of exercises is good for the overall growth of an athlete. For example, Rich Jacobs, MS, SCCC, CSCS is an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at Xavier University "likes how easy the Vertimax is to set up and use to enhance vertical power."

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NBA 2010-2011 Season Commercial

NBA Commercial
VertiMax is featured with the game announcers training regimine, during the ESPN Georgia Tech vs Virginia Tech game Nov. 4, 2010

Unique Fitness

Unique Fitness
Unique Fitness video demonstrating all sports athletic training, including cheer stunt and tumbling athletes.


VertiMax to help keep American Top Team at the top of the MMA world

We are happy to announce that American Top Team will utilize Vertimax in its training. American Top Team is always looking for the best ways to enhance its professional MMA fighter’s performance and feel the people and technology behind the VertiMax training system embrace our their philosophy!  
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