VertiMax Delivers Superior Power & Speed To Dominate

From the professional NFL player to the high school level, and even younger pre-teen athletes, no training equipment will do more to increase vertical jump and first step quickness while maximizing a football player's abilities to dominate on the field. Incorporating VertiMax football drills into your football training program in just a few short weeks will take your offensive and defensive playmaking abilities of any player to the next level.

Easy To Use Revolutionary Training Technology That Gets Results:

  • Radically improve 40 Times
  • Leg & Arm loading for maximum vertical gains
  • Develop sports specific power at any position
  • One unit trains over 30 athletes per hour
  • Do less get better results - VertiMax can replace all your Plyos
Ohio State University, Football Head Coach Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer

"The VertiMax training device is an integral part of our strength and conditioning program at the Ohio State. We believe that this training device incorporated into our program has helped our team make remarkable improvements to our explosiveness and power"

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Ray Rice's Football Speed and Power Training System


Football Drills for Explosive Power & Speed


Explosive Power & Speed Drills with NFL Linebacker Bobby Carpenter


Kenny Reeves, NFL Free Agent Cornerback


Football Drills: Training To Increase Explosive Power & Game Speed


Football Linear Speed Training Drills - If you want to fully develop explosive power for maximum acceleration off the line and lower 40 times, The VertiMax V8 equipment is your answer. VertiMax is the only speed training equipment with the capability to simultaneously load and develop explosive power in BOTH the Drive phase and Recovery (Swing) phase of the running motion. The ability to attach resistance bands to the waist and both feet allow athletes to develop power in leg muscles that drive when the foot is in contact with the ground while also working muscles that pull the leg through the air when it breaks contact with the ground. The V8 is the only training equipment in the world that can load both phases of the running motion. The result is un-paralleled gains in acceleration and top end speed for athletes of any age.

Football Jump Training Drills - Vertimax is the only sports training equipment that allows athletes to attach resistance bands to the waist and hands simultaneously when jump training to maximize the vertical lift component. Arm swing velocity at liftoff accounts for 10 to 13 percent of vertical jump performance and VertiMax is the only vertical training equipment that accounts for that fact. In today's competitive world, 13% of vertical jump performance is not something athletes can afford to ignore when an inch on a vertical jump can make the difference between a Division 1 and 2 scholarship. Every major NFL combine training camp uses VertiMax on their athletes to prepare them for their vertical jump and 40 performance tests.


Football Lateral Speed Training Drills - On the defensive side of the ball lateral acceleration at or near the line of scrimmage is as important as linear acceleration on either side of the ball. VertiMax resistance bands allow players to dynamically load all leg muscles involved with lateral movement simultaneously. The ability to individually load each foot regardless if it is on the ground driving or airborne coming across the body gives any athlete a superior training response compared to those conventional bands that strap between the ankles. Conventional elastic training methods simply cannot match up against the V8's more advanced training concept when it comes to maximizing sports specific explosive power.


Sports Specific Football Training Drills - The VertiMax V8 equipment has the ability to reconfigure into hundreds of training configurations to apply training loads from many angles. This ability allows the V8 to develop hundreds of position specific explosive movement drills including quarterback drop back drills, three and four point explosion drills off the line, long snapping, punting and back pedal drills. With the V8, athletes have the ability to connect from one to eight resistance bands just about anywhere on the body to provide resistance to just about any explosive training movement imaginable. The net result is the ability to improve the velocity and power behind football specific explosive movement for any position on the field!


NFL's Fastest Player Chris Johnson's On-Platform VertiMax Drills for Speed - Watch one of the NFL's fastest players Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans train under the guidance of NFL trainer Travel Gains. This video will show you a number of Football Training Drills designed to improve explosive acceleration and speed.


Why VertiMax Will Elevate Your Football Training Program And Team Performance To The Next Level

If you want a football training equipment that can radically increase your team's explosive leg power and overall team speed and quickly see dramatic improvements in your team's ability to dominate on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball, VertiMax is the one piece of football training equipment that will make it happen. At any level, from youth players to the NFL, VertiMax allows players to conduct football training drills that are quickly going to make a difference coaches will see and players will feel. In just a few weeks, you'll see your offensive backs and receivers creating more separation from defensive players and your defense will gain the type of closing speed to shut down any offense.

The VertiMax football training equipment is now used by over half the teams in the NFL including the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets. At the collegiate level, over 70 percent of major Division 1 athletic programs use VertiMax to conduct sport specific football drills that deliver results on the field of play. This includes 19 of the top 25 ranked football programs. Today, thousands of high school athletic programs are using VertiMax for one simple purpose - to transform their athletes into the most explosive and fastest players possible.

VertiMax uses an exciting new football training technology to better develop explosive leg power by routing really long resistance bands on pulley equipment that allow each band to fully retract into the training platform. Once the football player sets the desired training resistance by releasing and extracting any of the eight training bands from the equipment which automatically lock into place after adjustment - VertiMax will do some really important things football weight training program to more effectively develop explosive power and speed for any player on the field:

1) Vertimax's retractable pulley equipment will never allow the elastic training bands to go slack when jump training or performing any other football drills. No matter how low the athlete squats the VertiMax band retraction equipment always keeps the bands tight applying a useful training load for any football exercise, especially when a player initiates an explosive jumping movement upward or off the line.

2) The use of extra-long resistance bands routed on pulley equipment built into the VertiMax football training equipment keeps resistance from radically changing throughout any explosive football training movement. The 30 foot long resistance bands routed in pulley equipment allows VertiMax to apply a non-varying load for any football drill and keeps the resistance from increasing radically as the athlete progresses through the training movement so athletes can continue to accelerate through each explosive repetition and achieve higher training velocities to better develop football speed strength.

These two benefits will allow any coach to more quickly achieve their football strength training goals for power and speed by conditioning athletes to develop more power, sooner, in any explosive football movement. The result is a radical increase in acceleration performance that will give every football player on your team more big play abilities providing opportunities to put games away and dominate your opponents.

In contrast, conventional elastic football training equipment almost always tie short elastic bands to the ground, walls or between legs. Without a retraction equipment, the bands go slack when the football player crouches into an explosive position and there's little or no resistance when you need it most at the start of the explosive football training movement. Also, when short conventional elastic bands start to stretch, the resistance is going to radically increase going from near zero in the squatted position to a lot before lift-off and that is not only going to hinder acceleration it's going to completely destabilize the player during the football drill because gravity doesn't radically increase when we jump. If you're trying to fully develop your players' explosive power using conventional football training elastics, you're going to come up short on game winning performance from one end of the field to the other. VertiMax's advanced design corrects the critical problems with conventional elastic football training equipment to help any football player develop their full power potential by providing a more advanced football training equipment to better develop power for your players that will show up on every play on both sides of the ball.

When it comes to catching passes, blocking passes at the line of scrimmage or elevating down field to pick a pass off, every inch of vertical leaping and hand speed ability counts. Arm swing velocity accounts for 10 to 13 percent of vertical jump performance for any athlete. Amazingly, VertiMax is the only training equipment in the world that accounts for that by loading the arms while performing any jump or football training drill to improve arm swing velocity to further improve vertical jump performance and hand speed. Once again, if you have better leapers with faster hands on the field than your opponents, you're going to have a major advantage helping you put a "W" in your win/loss column every game.

We've just spent a little time talking about how football traini ng with VertiMax can develop leg drive power. But we can't neglect the importance of properly developing power capable of accelerating the legs during the swing phase of running when the foot is accelerating through the air for the next step. Swing phase power & speed is half the football speed equation during acceleration and it is the most neglected strength and power parameter when it comes to football speed training. VertiMax can configure for sports specific football drills that can train muscles essential for acceleration and speed in ways you could never dream of using conventional football weight training techniques. With VertiMax, athletes can leave the platform and perform football drills by connect individual resistance bands to the waist and feet. The resistance applied to the waist will load the athlete's legs when they're planted on the ground driving - working the quads, gluts and calfs to improve drive phase acceleration power. Now - the resistance applied to the feet is going to load the hip flexors abductors and adductors when the feet break contact with the ground to develop more power in the swing phase - accelerating the airborne foot through the air for a quicker next step. This unique ability to provide simultaneous drive and swing phase power development for linear, lateral, diagonal and back pedal acceleration cannot be duplicated by any other football training equipment in the world.

With VertiMax's unique ability to morph into hundreds of football specific training configurations, coaches can customize football training drills to levels never seen before - for athletes of any age – and achieve a quantum leap in athletic potential development on both offense and defense sides of the ball.

Even though VertiMax is the most versatile football training equipment available, you don't have to get fancy with it to turn average football players into great players. One simple exercise: The Quarter Quick Jump 2 to 3 times a week will make a radical improvement in your team's 40 times. And with a single equipment you can train up to 30 football players in under an hour.

VertiMax has been so successful delivering football speed and power performance gains to the world's greatest athletes, we now have over half the NFL and college teams in the US using VertiMax. However, the number one purchaser of VertiMax is a family with an athlete averaging 12 years of age. And that's why Parents donated over 750 of the 1408 VertiMax units acquired by high schools, middle schools and youth football sports programs last year. Parents are willing to donate VertiMax to football programs because they can quickly see they're not spending money buying more of the same equipment you already have like weight plates and squat racks or investing in weight room beautification efforts that won't put a better football pplayer on the field. Once any supporter of your football program understands what Vertimax can do, they know they're investing in the world's leading football training equipment and its going to help their child and their child's team be much more competitive in just a few weeks. And that fact makes all the difference in the world - if you need funding assistance for your football strength training program to take advantage of Vertimax. This Get Vertimax Donated link allows you to quickly receive an email designed to simply forward to any supporters of your football program. The email explains you're looking for help to acquire VertiMax and has all the introductory VertiMax video links by sport built right into it providing a very simple way to get supporters informed and excited about VertiMax.

One last thought I would like to you is to consider one of the biggest misconceptions in football training. And that is, if a football player is strong they're going to be quick & explosive. That's not true. Strength is essential in athletics but you can find really strong football players that are really slow a dime a dozen on football fields all across America. A football player becomes explosive and quick when they can generate force quickly which is power - and though strength is related to power, good strength measured at slow velocities only guarantees you can generate a lot of force but not necessarily quickly. It doesn't matter if you're the strongest player in the world, if your football training program can't give you the ability to generate all that force associated with your great strength - quickly – you're not going to be explosive or quick. Efficiently converting football strength gains into improved rate of force production – or power production in game situations is one of the most difficult tasks for any football strength coach. VertiMax was designed to correct that problem by providing the most effective football training equipment for converting the strength of any football player into as much power & speed in competition as possible - giving you a team of more physically dominate athletes to coach and compete with.


Urban Meyer, Head Football Coach Univ. of Florida on football strength training with VertiMax

"The VertiMax training device is an integral part of our strength and conditioning program at the University of Florida. We believe that this training device incorporated into our program has helped our team make remarkable improvements to our explosiveness and power"

Urban Meyer, Head Football Coach Univ. of Florida, 2008 & 2006 National Champions.

Garrett Giemont, Pittsburgh Steelers Head Strength Coach on football strength training with VertiMax

"VertiMax is the best training equipment incorporating upper body loading into an already highly effective explosion training device. Incorporating the upper body to improve the lift aspect of vertical jump training is a giant breakthrough for all skill levels. I can say without hesitation, it is a device of great importance in my or any training program."

Garrett Giemont, Pittsburgh Steelers Head Strength Coach, 2008 Super Bowl Champions

Ed Ellis, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach UCF on speed training with VertiMax

"VertiMax has taken our training programs to the next level. I have used it at Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and now at UCF. It allows the most physical athletes to make further gains in speed and performance. It is second to none when it comes to increasing reactive power and is more effective than any other plyometric training we've used."

Ed Ellis, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach UCF


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