Primary Power & Speed Drills For All Positions:

Quarter Quick Jump

Quarter Quick Jump

Quarter Quick w/ Arm Load

Quarter Quick w/ Arm Load

3 Point Start

3 Point Start

Explosive Step Up

Explosive Step Up

Lateral Shuffle

Lateral Shuffle

Lateral Crossover

Lateral Crossover


These 6 Primary Explosive Power & Speed drills can be easily performed by any player regardless of position to take athletic performance on the field to whole new level. In just a couple weeks you'll notice significant improvements in your players' acceleration off the line, separation & closing abilities in addition to great vertical performance gains.

Position Specific Explosive Movement & Speed Drills:

Defense Back Drill

Defense Back Drill

Lineman Explosive Off Ball Drill

Lineman Explosive Off Ball Drill

Lineman Pass Block Drill

Lineman Pass Block Drill


These 4 videos show advanced but simple, one-of-a-kind training techniques to develop your defensive Backs' cover abilities, increase explosive power of the line and pass block abilities of your linemen while also improving your Quarterback's drop-back speed allowing more time to setup, find an open receiver and successfully get rid of the ball.

QB Drop Back Drill

QB Drop Back Drill

Long Snap Drill

Long Snap Drill

Punt & Kick Drill

Punt & Kick Drill

The Long Snap Drill will provide the added ball velocity to give your quarterback more time to scan the field and your kickers a few fractions of a second more time to safely kick the ball away. Punt & Kick Drillis one of the most dynamic power training configurations to really make a radical difference in any kicker's power and kicking distance.


VertiMax is the most effective and versatile piece of football training equipment for developing explosive power and speed for any position on the Gridiron. Used by over half the NFL and 70%of Division 1 football programs, VertiMax is the one piece of football training equipment that will develop superior athletic speed and power performance at every position on offense and defense. VertiMax allows athletes to conduct dynamic football specific power and speed training at home or in a team setting for athletes 8 years old right up to NFL Pro Bowlers.

VertiMax Coach Videos:  Get a Fast Overview of VertiMax Training
VertiMax Football Equipment

7 Reasons VertiMax Delivers

Functional Overview

V8 Functional Overview

What You Get With Your V8 Purchase

What You Get With Your V8 Purchase


See all videos in the VertiMax Training Coarse

Defensive Linemen training on the Vertimax V8

Defensive Linemen training

Jets RB LaDainian Tomlinson training on VertiMax

RB LaDainian Tomlinson

Gold medalist Michael Johnson and the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine

Intense football training - Ike Taylor on VertiMax

Steelers CB Ike Taylor

Vernon Davis on VertiMax

49ers TE Vernon Davis

QB drop back drills

QB drop back drills

Pro NFL Trainer Tom Shaw on VertiMax Training

NFL Players at Camp

Washington Redskins Tackle D'Anthony Batiste

Tackle D'Anthony Batiste

Vertimax Explosive Chest Press to Ball Throw

explosive chest press

Acclerate Training Squat Lifts with VertiMax

Acclerate Training Squat Lifts

Training mulitiple youth athletes quickly and efficiently

Training mulitiple youth athletes

Accelerate Training Advanced Footwork Drills with VertiMax

Accelerate Training Advanced Footwork Drills

Linear / Lateral Speed Development

Linear Speed

Lateral Speed Coaching

Lateral Speed

QB Snap Drills w VertiMax

QB Snap Drills

Training Valley - College Football workouts on the Vertimax V8

Training Valley - College Football workouts on the Vertimax V8


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