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Over 750 VertiMax units were purchased by parents and boosters last year and donated to their local high schools, middle schools and youth athletic programs.

Over 60% of our VertiMax Speed & Vertical Jump training systems acquired by high schools in the US are donated by parents who are our number one customer. Please fill out the form below to receive the Donation email (shown just below the form). Once you receive the email just forward the email containing video demo links and direct links to our sports pages to any supporter, parent, coach or booster that values your program and wants to help you field the most competitive team possible.

Supporters upon watching any of the videos will quickly see adding VertiMax to your training program is dramatically more beneficial than adding more weight plates, squat racks and bench presses to the weight room. This fact makes a big difference when it comes to donating funds and the donators want the funds to make a difference. Typically coaches get positive funding responses within 4 to 5 days of distributing this email introduction. Thank you for your time and interest in our leading sports training system.

Once you've filled out and submitted the information form below, you'll receive the Donation email shown directly below this form to forward to your Supporters, Parents, and Contributors.

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Vertimax Speed and Vertical Jump Training Program


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Dear Program Supporter,

This email is being sent to you because the coach that sent it wants to build a more competitive sports team. The coach would like to integrate a new system into their training protocol, a system that is used by over 2800 high school athletic programs for both male and female sports. The system is called VertiMax and it is also used by over half the NFL, NBA, MLB and 70% of major Division I college programs to safely improve athletic speed and the vertical jump.

Please take a minute to select your sport of interest above and view a exciting Training videos for the major sports showing the incredible versatility of the VertiMax system. We can assure you that you'll see revolutionary training concepts that better develop athleticism that can change the outcome of any competition. We appreciate your time and look forward to talking with anyone that may have a question that we can answer. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-699-5867.

Please watch this 7 minute Why VertiMax Works video which is the most important video because it explains step by step why VertiMax delivers superior speed and vertical gains. The links below access Sports Specific VertiMax pages.

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Some of the coaches and trainers who recommend VertiMax

Urban Meyer, Head Football Coach Univ. of Florida

"The VertiMax training device is an integral part of our strength and conditioning program at the University of Florida. We believe that this training device incorporated into our program has helped our team make remarkable improvements to our explosiveness and power"

Urban Meyer, Head Football Coach Ohio State University 2011, 2008 & 2006 National Champions.

Urban Meyer, Head Football Coach Univ. of Florida

"VertiMax is the best training system incorporating upper body loading into an already highly effective explosion training device. Incorporating the upper body to improve the lift aspect of vertical jump training is a giant breakthrough for all skill levels. I can say without hesitation, it is a device of great importance in my or any training program."

Garrett Giemont, Pittsburgh Steelers Head Strength Coach, 2008 Super Bowl Champions

Urban Meyer, Head Football Coach Univ. of Florida

"VertiMax has taken our training programs to the next level. I have used it at Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and now at UCF. It allows the most physical athletes to make further gains in speed and performance. It is second to none when it comes to increasing reactive power and is more effective than any other plyometric training we've used."

Ed Ellis, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach UCF

Online Financing is available for your VertiMax

Interest Free Financing is available for all VertiMax models - improve you team's sports fitness today
VertiMax provides an easy financing process.
Call us toll-free: 800-699-5867 to speak with a VertiMax trainer for complete details.
Normal response time back on application submissions is usually 2-3 hours. Any questions on financing, please call us toll-free: 800-699-5867

Model Pricing

See pricing on all VertiMax models and view demonstration videos on each of the four VertiMax models.

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