New To VertiMax? All you need to do is watch Videos 1 & 2 below.

This site is designed to quickly show Coaches, Parents and athletes why the VertiMax V8 system works, and how it operates. We've arranged the videos in an order that we feel is most appropriate to easily familiarize the viewer with the V8 system.

After watching Videos 1 & 2, it will be very clear why athletes have an incredible advantage training with VertiMax and we are confident you'll be very excited about everything the V8 has to offer. Additional informational & tutorial videos are provided on specific training subjects which you may choose by preference based on your needs.

Video 1: 7 Reasons VertiMax Delivers Superior Performance Gains

 7 Reasons VertiMax Delivers Superior Performance Gains

This video will clearly illustrate and explain how VertiMax provides athletes with seven unique training benefits that will optimally develop athletic potential relative to power, speed and vertical jump performance.


Video 2: V8 Functional Overview

Functional Overview

This video gives a quick operational and functional overview of our most popular Vertimax V8 system. In just a few minutes we'll teach you everything you need to know to confidently utilize our leading power, speed and vertical performance training system.


video 3: What You Get With Your V8 Purchase

What You Get With Your V8 Purchase

If you're not sure what comes with your VertiMax V8 system this video will quickly let you know about everything included with your purchase.

video 4: Basic VertiMax Safety Tips

Basic VertiMax Safety Tips

This video will provide a review of basic VertiMax User safety tips that every coach and athlete should be aware of. Please make sure you watch this video prior to using VertiMax for the first time.

video 5: Basic VertiMax Jump Training Tips for First Time Users

 Basic VertiMax Jump Training Tips

This video shows first time users the proper jumping and landing technique to use on VertiMax. It also reviews common errors with landing technique, jumping rhythm and improper knee position (pronation), a common issue with female athletes.

video 6: Introducing Arm Loading to Vertical Jump Training

Arm Loading Tips

This video informs coaches and athletes how to introduce arm loading with VertiMax for the first time. Prior to using arm loading the athlete should be accustom to training with waist with waist loading and jumping properly using leg loading only before attempting to use arm loading. Arm loading is also recommended for athletes 14 years old and older.


video 7: VertiMax Unit Care & Maintenance

 VertiMax Unit Maintenace

This video will review the proper technique for safely detaching and releasing resistance bands when utilizing VertiMax. Spatial limitations when training athletes on and off-platform simultaneously will also be discussed along with fact that athletes must stay on the platform training mat when using bands 1, 2, 3 and 4 which exit the pivoting tracking system.


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