So You Want to Know How to Jump High

For years and years, athletes have wanted to know how to jump higher. For basketball, it was dunking or blocking shots. For volleyball, it was spiking or playing defense. Soccer? Head balls. You name it - if there's a sport, there's a reason for wanting to jump higher. In fact, PF Flyers, a sneaker brand, were once believed to help an athlete 'run faster and jump higher,' too. But could a piece of sporting equipment ever replace the power of a finely-tuned athlete? Quite frankly, the answer is no.

So athletes turned to sport training - sprinting, power training, and heavy lifting, just to name a few techniques. But in due time, the realization came that there was only so much that could be achieved through these methods. Athletes still wanted to know how to jump high.

Enter VertiMax. It was always assumed that the 'how to jump high' solution came primarily from training your legs. And on its face, that seems logical. But when you consider the total movement pattern of a jumper, you can't help but ignore another major element of the movement - arm swing. If you've ever tried jumping without the use of your arms to propel you forward, chances are you didn't get too far - or too high. Our statistics showed us that, indeed, 13 percent of vertical jumping capabilities come from arm swing speed. But what piece of equipment could teach that and lower extremity power?

The VertiMax. With resistance bands for your hips, legs and arms, you can now know the difference between good enough and great. Professional athletes from all sports have turned to VertiMax because they know the difference - and they see it first-hand in their performance. Coaches are bringing it into training rooms, too, and their teams are looking better as a result.

It's not a fluke, either. If you truly want to know how to jump high, you need to train like you want it. And VertiMax is the only training machine out there that prepares all of an athletes parts for the movement. How's that for a game changer?


Golfing & The VertiMax Advantage

The terms 'explosive' and 'powerful' are often associated with sports known for agility and athletic movements - football and basketball come to mind. But golf? You bet.

As showcased in its recent blog, VertiMax is quickly gaining traction as a swing power generation tool. PGA tour pros and amateurs alike have recognized VertiMax's capabilities to improve hip rotation speed and power. And the benefits? Longer distance, greater club speed and bigger shots. "Rotation and power are such a huge part of golf," said Al Marez, VertiMax V.P. of Business and Development. "The VertiMax is designed to increase speed and explosiveness, two of the integral parts of a golf swing. Once golfers try our product, they are hooked."

He adds, "Golf requires an excellent combination of strength, speed, power and balance to excel. Implementing VertiMax in your golf strength training program will dramatically increase explosive club head speed and speed endurance to radically elevate any player's game. VertiMax is the best system to quickly develop a dominant your swing by radically improving acceleration, deceleration and drive distance."


Boosting Your Tennis Game With VertiMax

Lateral quickness and agility, as well as straight-ahead speed, are crucial to an A-grade tennis game - but that's only part of the picture. The ability to improve racket velocity and overall hitting power are integral to the game as well. So how do you train them all? VertiMax!

Because of the VertiMax's ability to improve arm swing velocity, in addition to lower extremity agility and power, it's easy to understand why Maria Sharapova's strength coach, Ken Matsuda, is such a fan, among others. Tennis enthusiasts and athletes alike are bringing their rackets with them to practice actual tennis movements on the VertiMax. Sprint across the baseline for a backhand return, sprint forward for a short return and much more.

You'll improve first-step quickness, hitting power, offensive and defensive play making abilities, and durability, too. If you're serious about tennis, get serious about VertiMax!


The Art of 'VertiMax-ing' Out

Plateaus. In sports, and in life, we all run into them. No matter how hard you train or how hard you work, eventually you'll reach a wall - unless you develop a plan for breaking through.

With VertiMax, you can make a number of changes to improve your performance at any given time. Altering the number of repetitions that you perform, or altering rest periods or increasing resistance are all options to consider, depending on your goals.

One way to anticipate plateaus and effectively break through them is to monitor yourself. What does that mean? Track your workouts and track your corresponding performance times and measures. You may feel physical manifestations of a workout coming up short, but if not, your numbers could indicate if you're getting diminishing returns on them in much clearer terms.

Write everything down, alter your plan every six to eight weeks, and continue shattering the walls of your goals. That's called VertiMax-ing out!


Elite Athletes Need Elite Equipment

How VertiMax will Change Your Game.

In preparation for events, games and competitions, the best indicator of performance improvements for an athlete are in the numbers. Speed times. Vertical jumps. Power transfer measurements. And thankfully, numbers are just one of many indicators of the superiority of VertiMax.

Case in point. Matthew Rhea, an assistant professor of exercise science at Southern Utah University, conducted a study of 60 high school football players during off-season training to monitor improvements in performance. The group was separated into two teams of 30. The only difference in their training regimens? One group added VertiMax; the other did not.

The results, shown in post-testing after a 12 week training period, were startling. The VertiMax group saw an average of 4.5 inches added to their vertical jumps and a boost of 217 watts of lower body power testing output. The group that didn't use VertiMax? Their average vertical jump improvements were 1.8 inches and their lower body power testing improvement came in at an average of 49 watts.

And that's not all. Also calculated was the impact the athletes' training had on overall power transfer. A measurement ratio of 1.0 was set as a benchmark for what would be indicated as an 'excellent' transfer. The athletes who didn't use VertiMax saw those ratios ring in at 0.48 and 0.22, respectively, for squat and power clean exercises. The VertiMax group? 1.57.


Good Enough for Duke. Good Enough for You?

The Duke University Blue Devils are an icon in American collegiate sports. With 12 combined NCAA national championships among its teams, 119 ACC championships, and a graduation rate of 97 percent, it's easy to see why their teams are seen as among the best in the nation - on the fields of play, and in the classroom.

One of the keys to the success of their athletes? VertiMax. With 26 teams in all, each using the university's state of the art training facility, Duke is in possession of three VertiMax platforms in all. Why would a facility that includes 10 Power Lift Multi-Use Power Racks, 10,000 pounds of York Bumper Plates, a Keiser Infinity Series 6-Pack Trainer, two full sets of dumbells up to 130 pounds, and a full assortment of accessory training equipment on top of Infinity Max Pro Flooring with 10 in-ground Olympic platforms also need three VertiMax platforms?

Duke knows what many of our clients know. No other system exists to adequately train all of the mechanics that are necessary for lower extremity power and arm swing, core strength, and overall foot speed. And it does it all on one platform.

Click here to read more about how Duke aims to train its athletes.


VertiMax for Basketball Players

Strength does not always equal power. And in basketball, when vertical jumps, lateral quickness and speed are make-or-break abilities, knowing the difference could mean everything to your game.

Consider this tidbit from our website:

Traditional speed and performance training consists mainly of weight training, plyometrics, speed and agility drills, running with parachutes and pulling sleds. All these exercises focus primarily on over loading and improving the power producing capabilities of the quads, gluts and calves, the muscles that provide driving power when our foot is planted on the ground and pushing. That's great for developing power to increase our drive velocity and speed when the foot is planted on the ground. However, when your foot leaves the ground, how fast it can accelerate in the direction you are running and make ground contact to drive again is the other half of the speed equation. Power to generate airborne foot speed will greatly impact how fast you are! And guess what? The muscles that provide the power to accelerate the airborne foot are NOT the quads, gluts and calves; they're the hip flexors, abductors and adductors. If you do not allocate training time appropriately and effectively to those muscle groups, you will never reach your full speed potential.

Included in optimum basketball training are off-platform basketball speed training, broad jumping, acceleration drills, isolated hip flexor and glute training, jumps with arm loading, and lateral shuffles – all done with the game-changing VertiMax system.

Beginning to understand some of the difference? If you are, then you're not alone. 11 NBA teams are on board, as well, and two should stick out to you right away - the Miami HEAT and Oklahoma City Thunder, the two teams that squared off in the 2012 NBA Finals. The rest are the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers and Philadelphia 76ers.

Bruce Weber, head coach of the University of Illinois basketball team agrees, too.

"After implementing VertiMax in our off-season strength and conditioning program, our basketball team's cumulative vertical jump capability in shear inches increased by a magnitude that I have not seen in my 26 year coaching career. The VertiMax has made every player on my team a more dominate athlete providing me a more competitive team to work with. After seeing what VertiMax has done for my program in three short months, I can't imagine any coach not making VertiMax an integral part of their team's strength and conditioning program."

Want to learn even more for yourself? Click here! basketball-training

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