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waist harness

VertiMax Accessories

A medium size waist harness comes standard with every purchase of a VertiMax unit

When VertiMax is used in a "team training" environment it is suggested that coaches and trainers purchase an additional two belts with each system purchase so they will have three belts total. This will allow coaches to train up to three athletes simultaneously on one VertiMax system without having to switch belts between sets.

VertiMax Media File    Medium belt fits: 28 - 41" waists

VertiMax Media File    Large belt fits: 40 - 59" waists


VertiMax Accessories   

Youth Waist harness

VertiMax Accessories

The Youth Waist harness provides a smaller belt (fits 22" to 32" waist) with rubber coated waist pads. The red rubberized waist pads have a tighter fit on the youth waist belt than the waist pads of the medium and large waist harness shown above. The tighter fit allows athletes to apply more rotational torque to the hips without the waist pads sliding along the belt. If applying rotational torque to the hips is an important aspect of your training protocol to develop core and rotational power (baseball, golf, tennis, etc.), the youth belt or ordering a medium or large waist belt with our red rubberized pads strung on the belt is suggested.

VertiMax Media File    Youth belt fits: 22 - 32" waist
(Note: Red slide resistant pads which are better suited for applying waist torque may be ordered with larger belt sizes.


VertiMax Accessories   

Hip Flexor Harness set

VertiMax Accessories

A Standard Size Hip Flexor Harness set is included with each VertiMax unit purchase.

The Hip Flexor Harness set which comes with a "left leg" and "right leg" harness is used to connect resistance bands to the back of the knee and thus apply load to the hip flexor when lifting the foot off the ground. Hip Flexor Harnesses come in three sizes (each size color coded as shown below) to suit a wide range of athletes from 4'7" up to 7' tall. A waist belt is required to hold the harnesses in place when training.


VertiMax Accessories   

Palm Strap set

VertiMax Accessories

A Palm Strap (left and right hand) set is included with the purchase of each of the following VertiMax units: V6, V6 Pro and V8 units.

The V4 unit has no arm loading capabilties and thus does not come with a Palm Strap set. If you are jump training with the arm loading feature in a 'team training' environment it is suggested that two additional Palm Strap sets are purchased to avoid having athletes swap the Palm Straps after each set.



Ankle Strap set

VertiMax Accessories

An Ankle Strap set (left foot and right foot) is included with the purchase of either the V6 Pro or V8 training systems because of their ability to conduct off platform training with foot loading. If you are implementing off platform training in a 'team training' environment with the V6 Pro or V8 system, it is suggested that at least one additional ankle strap set is acquired so a minimum of two sets are on hand. Having the next athlete suited up with a waist belt and ankle straps already attached will reduce training delay when one athlete finishes their exercise routine and the other athlete straps in to start their routine.



Hand Grip Set

VertiMax Accessories Hand Grip

The Hand Grips are an optional accessory and not included with any of the VertiMax units.