From the Players to the head coaches of the NFL, NBA, MLB and top ten schools in the country; have fully endorsed VertiMax in their overall athletic training programs.

Baseball Testimonials


“In my 30+ years of training professional athletes, I never encountered a single piece of equipment that allows the lead athlete to train at such a high level through all intervals of a training cycle. Not just maximizing during the off-season, but during the season with a complete sports-specific training program. The VertiMax covers all phases of periodization, not just in an athletic sense, but in a complete sports-specific sense, allowing for perfect muscle memory.”

Larry Williams, Pro MLB Talent Scout and President of BATT Academies, Athletic Edge


“I was introduced to VertiMax through the Blue Jays. VertiMax has helped me in all aspects of my game. After a few workouts, I started to notice improvement in both my leg and arm power.

This has increased my vertical, which has also helped my defense in the outfield. Meanwhile, the adjustable resistance bands I use during my hitting drills have added power to my swing. I can’t wait to get my own unit!!”

Colby Rasmus, Houston Astros center fielder


“I coached Tyler Rahmatulla, a shortstop on the Mater Dei High School Baseball Team, who led the 16 & under Junior Olympic team in home runs. He participated in our six-week VertiMax training program. In the beginning we were only trying to lower his 60 yard dash time and increase his lateral movement, and that DID happen. But we noticed another significant improvement! Tyler pitches on the team, and he had increased his fast ball from approximately 85 to 90 mph! VertiMax training, when done right and adhered to by a hard working athlete, produces all around outstanding results! Thank you VertiMax!”

John Elliot, Elite Coach & Trainer

Football Testimonials

urban“The VertiMax training device is an integral part of our strength and conditioning program. We believe that this training device incorporated into our program has helped our team make remarkable improvements to our explosiveness and power.”

Urban Meyer, Head Football Coach at The Ohio State University, 3-Time National Champion

giemont“VertiMax is the best training system incorporating upper body loading into an already highly effective explosion training device. Incorporating the upper body to improve the lift aspect of vertical jump training is a giant breakthrough for all skill levels. I can say without hesitation, it is a device of great importance in my or any training program.”

Garrett Giemont, Pittsburgh Steelers Head Strength Coach, 2008 Super Bowl Champions

ellis“VertiMax has taken our training programs to the next level. I have used it at Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and at UCF. It allows the most physical athletes to make further gains in speed and performance. It is second to none when it comes to increasing reactive power and is more effective than any other plyometric training we’ve used.”

Ed Ellis, Strength Coach at University of Georgia

tomshaw“VertiMax gets our players more explosive. Steelers CB Ike Taylor has been using Vertimax since the 7th grade. And he’ll be using VertiMax through the rest of his career. Everything we do here, is to improve explosive power… and that’s what VertiMax excels at.”

Tom Shaw, Pro NFL trainer at Tom Shaw Performance, Orlando FL

Basketball Testimonials

pitino“Our team has definitely seen and felt the benefits of working with the VertiMax. Our schedule this year is very competitive. We need an edge for our players; VertiMax gives us that edge. During the testing of the vertical jump, my strength coach advised me that my players kept cheering ‘VERTIMAX’ every time a teammate hit a higher max jump. My players and coaching staff are sold on VertiMax’s effectiveness!”

Rick Pitino, Head Basketball Coach, University of Louisville

weber“After implementing VertiMax in our off-season strength and conditioning program, our basketball team’s cumulative vertical jump capability in sheer inches increased by a magnitude that I have not seen in my 26-year coaching career. The VertiMax has made every player on my team a more dominate athlete, providing me a more competitive team to work with. After seeing what VertiMax has done for my program in three short months, I can’t imagine any coach not making VertiMax an integral part of their team’s strength and conditioning program.”

Bruce Weber, Head Basketball Coach, Kansas State University

alan-stein“I have been fortunate to work with elite level basketball players for last 10 years and the VertiMax is a major staple in my training program. It is an invaluable tool for safely and progressively improving a player’s explosiveness. VertiMax can easily be used to train your whole team to become a faster, stronger, championship team”

Alan Stein, owner of Stronger Team and the Head Strength & Conditioning coach for the nationally renowned, Nike Elite DeMatha Catholic High School boys basketball program

tommy“You have done a great job with [VertiMax training videos]. …You know more than 99% of trainers just by studying those videos. I do basketball training, leagues and camps in Jacksonville and have just started to implement your Vertimax V-8 training into my program. Michael Overstreet purchased it for us. What a great product! I’m excited to see the results on the court in my clients and teams. Thanks again for all you do!”

Tommy Hulihan, Beaches Basketball

ryan“VertiMax is the best weight room investment we’ve ever made in our basketball program.”

Bo Ryan, Head Coach, Wisconsin, Big Ten Champions 2002-2003

Soccer Testimonials

dorrance“Our program continues to strive for ways to incorporate cutting-edge methods to improve our athletes’ performances. The VertiMax trainer has been instrumental in helping us take our athletic strength and explosive power development to the next level. VertiMax has also helped the improvements in our girls’ strength and speed attributes to very effectively transfer to the field where it counts. The VertiMax is one training system that I will continue to use to help us to achieve our training goals”

Anson Dorrance, head coach women’s soccer at the University of North Carolina

Volleyball Testimonials


“The VertiMax is a one of a kind system providing valuable training elements unique to the sport of volleyball. The ability to load the legs and arms simultaneously while jump training develops superior jumping and speed performance while allowing players to work on blocking & attack mechanics. Our players’ stability & strength in the air is better than ever and in just 8 weeks we have had dramatic improvements in our ability to elevate & penetrate the net on block jumps.”

Jim Miret, Head Volleyball Coach for Front Range Volleyball Club, 1999 & 2003 Outstanding Male Coach for Juniors: USA Volleyball

High School Football Testimonials

coach-gary-joesph“VertiMax has given our coaches the means to take vertical jump and speed performance to the next level across all our sports programs. VertiMax has given us the opportunity to dynamically train a number of kids on explosive movements both on and off platform in a short amount of time. We’ve had impressive results that helped our coaches and athletes buy into the training program immediately.”

Coach Gary Joseph, Head Football Coach Katy High School, Katy, TX, 2007- 2008 Texas State Champions

Hockey Testimonials

neeld“The VertiMax is an incredibly diverse piece of hockey training equipment, as it allows you to overload vertical, horizontal, and diagonal movement patterns. We use it consistently throughout the off-season in our dryland training to improve lower body power and reinforce proper movement patterns in our hockey players.”

Kevin Neeld, MS, CSCS, Director of Athletic Development, Endeavor Sports Performance EndeavorFit.com and www.KevinNeeld.com

spero“The VertiMax is the ultimate dryland functional training system for hockey players who want to increase their explosive power and gain a competitive edge with respect to mobility and stamina on the ice. VertiMax can be configured to perform hundreds of hockey drills implementing multiple training techniques that uniquely improve a player’s game on many levels.

Masterfully overcoming the problems associated with traditional resistance band equipment that run opposite to the length-tension relationship of muscular force production, VertiMax provides results my athletes can’t get with other dryland training systems. I highly endorse the VertiMax for hockey training and recommend it for any hockey player who wants to take their game to the next level.”

Spero Mantzavrakos, Head Strength Coach New York Islanders 2004 President & Head Strength Coach Next Level Training Corp.

Gymnastics Testimonials

suzanne-yoculan“This is the 6th year that we have incorporated the VertiMax into the Gym Dogs’ training program. It is an intense workout that really pushes our girls to be more explosive and better conditioned. VertiMax helped us win our 15th SEC Championship and our 8th NCAA National Championship. We look forward to using the VertiMax for many seasons to come.”

Suzanne Yoculan, University of Georgia Gymnastics Head Coach

Parents Testimonials

snodgrass“I purchased the VertiMax a couple of months ago back in April and started training my 16 year old daughter on it (she’s a basketball player). After just 2 weeks of training, I noticed a significant difference in her lateral movement and quickness at practice. Defensively she was able to stay in front of and stop players that would normally blow by her, and she was blocking more shots than normal. Her high school coach even noticed how much quicker her first step is at a summer scrimmage.

To top it off, last week she attended a couple of Division 1 college summer elite camps and received a full scholarship offer from one school, a tentative offer from another, and she’s not even a junior yet. Chances are she was going to get offers anyway, but just knowing she’s going to have her college paid for is reassuring and justification for making the investment in the VertiMax. Not to mention I just want to see her reach her maximum potential and compete at the highest level.”

Max Snodgrass, Wichita, KS